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Wayside Publishing is proud to present EntreCulturas Companion Reader Edition, the only truly proficiency-based Spanish language series.

EntreCulturas builds students' language proficiency through the lens of interculturality, real-world communication, and literacy. Students learn ways to appropriately interact with a variety of people and to examine different perspectives by being exposed to the lives of peers across the Spanish-speaking world.

EntreCulturas 1-3 each include a strategically-aligned comprehensible input Companion Reader that supports the textbook's essential questions, language structures, vocabulary, and much more. And through our partnership with Nualang, learners can experience enhanced listening and speaking practice with the Companion Reader characters. Try it for yourself!

Explore our EntreCulturas pages and discover what sets it above other Spanish language textbooks.

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EntreCulturas 1A & 1B ©2025

Communicate, explore, and connect across cultures

Novice Low — Novice High

EntreCulturas 1 ©2023

Communicate, Explore, and Connect Across Cultures

Novice Low — Novice High

EntreCulturas 2 ©2023

Communicate, Explore, and Connect Across Cultures

Novice High — Intermediate Low

EntreCulturas 3 ©2023

Communicate, Explore, and Connect Across Cultures

Intermediate Low — Intermediate Mid

EntreCulturas 4 ©2020

Communicate, Explore, and Connect Across Cultures

Intermediate Mid — Intermediate High
This is my 49th year in education. EntreCulturas provides multiple spontaneous conversation opportunities for students, and teachers are able to look at something and immediately go from there with it - and perhaps even do the types of things they used to have to do on their own. EntreCulturas is the only series that I know of that provides that kind of material for kids to begin to speak with each other naturally. It's set up the way that I've always been striving to teach.

Deborah Doyle

Spanish Teacher, MFLA, Maryland

I love how Wayside Publishing honors the Hispanic community in the United States of America in their Spanish language textbook series, EntreCulturas. It's refreshing. It’s good when the first, second and third things you see in the table of contents are related to culture instead of grammar. Great job!

Diego Ojeda


This is the only textbook series that incorporates comprehensible input strategies and has supports from Level 1 to prepare students for the AP® exam.


Spanish Teacher, Florida

"I teach Spanish 1 and 2 using EntreCulturas and this is my third year using the program. All of the resources are very intuitive. It's easy for me to navigate the Learning Site and find resources that learners need for each lesson. It's easy for me to find the formative assessments, to assign them, and to adjust the attempts they get to receive a passing grade.

The learners like it a lot because it's very fresh. For example in the food unit, there is discussion around food trucks and the kids love it and it's easy for them to relate. Something that hit me and that I love about the family unit is how there are nontraditional families represented. It's easy for my kids to look at the images and see people who look like them. "

Stephanie Shepherd

Other texts claim to use culture as a vehicle for learning the target language. So, the primary question is: Does EntreCulturas succeed in presenting L2 language learning through an authentic lens of the cultures of Spanish speaking people from countries that offer an incredible amount of diversity in language, food, history, folklore and race?

The answer is yes! EntreCulturas 1 has succeeded with the integration of a culture-based presentation with Spanish language acquisition. Students learn by immersion into a cultural experience of Spanish-speaking natives and are then able to discuss their findings in class through authentic dialog.

Another question arises: Will this be another text with chapters that attempt to cover so much vocabulary, grammar, culture, and text-generated conversation that the instructor has to choose how much to leave out?

No! The presentation is not so ambitious that it presents time limitations. The model and “real” classroom presentation are a perfect fit.

NECTFL Review, Issue 86

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EntreCulturas 1 Activity Workbook

Classroom interruptions happen. When they do, Wayside’s new activity workbooks give you and your learners easy, quick access to the proficiency-driven, engaging activities you are used to on our Learning Site®.

Prep time is precious. For educators and learners who would otherwise manually print the activities, this collection of printed tearable activities saves time, ink, and peace of mind.

Learning styles matter. Workbook pages provide opportunities for learners to write by hand.

Need to plan for a sub? 1/3 of activities can be performed without the textbook or Learning Site®, providing in-a-pinch tasks that a substitute could oversee.

Please contact (888) 302-2519 or email [email protected] to start planning how you can incorporate EntreCulturas Activity Workbooks into your classroom.

Novice Low — Novice High

La lengua de las mariposas

The enriching reader, La lengua de las mariposas, helps you use complementary cinematic and literary sources to teach your students about the Spanish language and culture.

The feature film "La lengua de las mariposas,” adapted from three of Manuel Rivas' award-winning short stories, follows the life of a young Galician boy coming of age at the outset of the Spanish Civil War.

Filled with annotations, vocabulary lists, and essay and conversational questions, La lengua de las mariposas engages your students in making connections and comparisons across cultures and artistic genres. Students will explore cultural themes to enhance their understanding of the film and stories while engaging with modern, accessible material.

Watch the movie trailer

Intermediate Low — Advanced Mid

Conversemos juntos

Conversemos juntos supports peer-to-peer communication by enabling your students to work with each other – speaking, listening, and eventually thinking in Spanish without hesitation. Built on the principle that one learns to speak Spanish by speaking, Conversemos juntos employs a variety of activities to emphasize oral communication in a carefully supported manner.

Choose the downpour outside, the weekend, or the upcoming holiday; every student wants to share his or her thoughts and experiences about the 50+ conversation topics selected!

Novice learners may require more supervision and will rely heavily on the book for vocabulary and grammar, while more advanced students can use the questions presented as a departure point for personal observations or further inquiry.

Novice Low — Intermediate Mid

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