Learning Site®

the elements that enrich the teaching and learning experience

Our Learning Site brings classes together and personalizes the learning experience with its interactive platform that unites content, technology, and pedagogy.

  • FlexText is your online book that connects seamlessly to the authentic resources, activities and assessments hosted within Explorer®.

  • Explorer houses everything educators need to support learners in getting the most from their learning program.

  • The Learning Site Portfolio allows students to assess their own progress and show evidence of their understanding.

  • Wayside provides many options for integrating your Learning Management System (LMS) or Student Information System (SIS) with Learning Site.

  • Roster data integrations (rostering) in Learning Site solve a district or school’s need to securely exchange student, course, and related enrollment data between a school platform (e.g., student information system, SIS) and Learning Site.

  • Wayside's Learning Site is IMS Global Certified.

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