Real Language For Real Students

Wayside makes language learning meaningful, so your students connect what they learn in the classroom with how they use it in the world

Each program is designed to maximize your learners' ability to effectively communicate in the target language.

  • Ownership of learning with can-do statements

    Unit-embedded communicative and intercultural can-do statements help learners set goals and assess their own progress.
  • Tasks and activities for proficient communication

    The Instructional Strategies Toolkit contains more than 200 ideas for tasks and activities in the interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational modes of communication.
  • Interacting with authentic resources

    Abundant video, audio, and text resources from target language cultures provide learners with naturally embedded, meaningful input.
  • Showing what they can do with what they have learned

    Formative and summative (IPAs) performance assessments showcase students' increased communicative abilities and provide feedback with analytic growth, holistic, summative IPA, and single-point rubrics.
  • Interculturality over cultural facts

    Students make cultural connections and comparisons between target language cultures and their own lives.

Wayside Publishing Creates Tools That Foster Communication and Understanding Across Cultures

Research Based and ACTFL Aligned

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