Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Service Questions

  • You can easily request a digital sample of most textbooks, which will come with all of the online resources that you would find if you were to purchase a subscription. Start here!

  • There are several ways to purchase our products. For smaller orders, purchasing via is a great option. Simply browse and add the titles and products you require to your shopping cart. If you need help with a larger order or a multi-year order, contact us for assistance.

  • Email your PO to [email protected] and please include the following:

    • Tax-Exempt Certificate
    • Accounts Payable email
    • Digital Access Contact email when ordering digital material (The digital access codes will be sent to this contact. This is typically a teacher, Department Chair or IT/Media contact)
    • PO’s need to be addressed to:
      • Wayside Publishing
      • 2 Stonewood Drive
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  • Of course! Simply email or call and we can put together a quote based on your specific needs.

  • If you are expecting an email from Wayside but have not received it, please check your junk and spam folders. If you still cannot locate it, feel free to give us a call. To ensure you receive all emails, make sure to subscribe to our mailing list at the bottom of the page and add [email protected] to your email contact and/or safe senders list.

  • Because each textbook's Explorer® online resources are essential components of each program, access to the Learning Site® is necessary.

Pedagogy and Implementation Questions

  • The approach of EntreCulturas is not technically unique, as it follows recommendations of ACTFL and NCSSFL that are accepted by teachers nationwide. Recent years have seen a pedagogical pantheon of blogs and seminars that support educators in creating curriculum from scratch that is truly proficiency-based. These formerly textbook-free classrooms often become EntreCulturas' biggest advocates after they review.

    EntreCulturas is the only Spanish series that doesn't just align with all ACTFL recommendations - but that was literally designed around them. Its first edition was printed less than three years ago, with its most recent level printing this past summer. Other textbooks have edited older programs to stay in alignment with evolving standards - with copyright dates reflecting the last time that a resource or appendix was refreshed.

    As a result of using the only truly proficiency-based Spanish series, EntreCulturas students learn language "naturally", and feel more comfortable taking risks in the target language - the same way all humans do as we learn our native language.

  • Wayside educator authors combined leading research in neuroscience and educational pedagogy with decades of classroom-tested strategies so teachers don't have to start from scratch in order to foster intercultural competency and align with biliteracy standards.

  • Formative - Focused formative checks are provided throughout every unit, and can be can be delivered in the context of a lesson. There are 1-2 formative tasks per unit (depending on level) with more structure for educators. These engage learners in one of the three modes, are performance-based, and in EntreCultures they provide for differentiation.

    Summative - Summative IPA's that ask students to demonstrate what they can do in the language while reflecting on the essential questions of the unit. Assessments simulate AP® task types starting from level one, adjusted for the proficiency level of the learner.

    Midterm and Final - These assessments are also summative IPA's. These are provided in the teacher edition, with audio and video scripts included.

    Assessment supports - Assessment guidelines, rubrics for IPAs, analytic and holistic rubrics for performance-based tasks that align to targeted proficiency-levels.

    Click here to review the EntreCulturas assessment guide

  • The learner's experience in an Wayside classroom is uniquely intercultural. Our hallmark EntreCulturas and EntreCultures programs are about making connections to local, national and international cultures, exploring self and community identities, and understanding other cultures as different vs foreign. Learning language thus becomes a practice of expressing and exploring humanity. Authentic resources are a key component of that practice.

    Unit-aligned resources include podcasts, news stations, video bloggers and more. Our authors and students who vlog for us directly compiled most of these resources, vs a photography company. Vloggers are real teen native speakers without scripts who address unit essential questions and themes.

    Audio and video scripts as well as a full authentic resources index can be found in Explorer®. Audio and video scripts are also in the print Teacher Edition and FlexText® Teacher Edition.

  • Where competitors have broken heritage and native speaker inclusion into "add-on" products for an extra charge, EntreCulturas and EntreCultures creators (with heritage learning and teaching experience) integrated strategies for differentiation and strength-based inclusion of heritage and native speakers directly into the resources.

    All four levels of both programs present a content-based approach rather than second language acquisition approach. Levels 3-4 have been successfully used with heritage and native speakers who have been evaluated at the appropriate proficiency level.

    Both series offer supports for students who may not have strong literacy skills, which teachers can choose to incorporate or not. Supports for heritage learners and native speakers include (a) breaking activities down into steps, (b) a focus on pre- and during-reading/viewing tasks that build comprehension, (c) the use of graphic organizers to gather ideas for speaking or writing tasks (as well as reading/viewing processing), (d) progressively more complex texts to build reading stamina, (e) small group and paired activities to build on community, (f) project-based learning, (g) use of authentic resources, (h) a discovery approach to grammar, but not a focus on grammar as the curriculum, (i) exploration of global topics versus a Eurocentric approach.

    Support for heritage language learners

  • Wayside titles undergo a unit-by-unit bias review using the Washington Models for the Evaluation of Bias Content® in Instructional Materials to examine representation of: Body shape/size, Physical disability, Occupation, Geographic setting, Age, Family Structure, Socio-economic status, Race, Ethnicity, Gender, Sexual orientation, Gender expression and identity, Culture, Native language, and Religion

    Inclusivity is normalized, constant, and modeled through a strength-based lens. In authentic resources and activities/assessments, diverse perspectives connect to themes and topics. Where opportunities arise to address bias, units provide historical and cultural context where appropriate, and use language as a catalyst to inform behaviors that reflect interculturality and respect.

    Space is created for different perspectives and paths of participation. Teacher editions include notes within activities to support educators in adapting so that every learner can contribute, particularly around sensitive issues. Inquiry based approaches offer learners choices to contribute their own perspective, communicate around resources provided in the unit, or make connections to an external reference point.

    Materials evolve alongside the learners of today and tomorrow. We talk to language teachers and incorporate their feedback from the classroom. Any member of the Wayside community is encouraged to connect if they see an opportunity to expand their inclusivity, at [email protected]. Learners may also submit their feedback directly and securely through Learning Site®.

  • Wayside titles foster SEL by including healthy and balanced lifestyle themes in content - relationships (friends, family), emotional health, fitness, foods - all explored through an intercultural lens and the 3 P's in Explorer®.

    Communicative tasks provide opportunities for learners to work through misunderstandings and differences of opinion, handling environments where unfamiliar language or cultural concepts are present, and more.

    Units develop citizenship with topics like civic participation, ecological sustainability, global immigration, the contributions of diverse community members to economies and societies, and connections to learners' roles in the global shift 21st century from an industrial society to a global information society.

  • AP® global themes and subthemes are integrated throughout all four levels of EntreCulturas and EntreCultures. AP® style tasks are included in every level, right from the beginning of level 1. Midterm and final include AP® style tasks, and in level 4 there are additional free-response AP® type tasks, as well as preparation for persuasive essays by writing emails or letters that cite an authentic resource. These tasks scaffold learners to perform tasks in timed environments with the same audio cues and pre-recorded instructions and prompts that learners will encounter on the AP®.

    All AP® tasks are unit-embedded, communicative and thematic, so that prep contributes to unit language and culture objectives.

  • In addition to IB® theme correlation with units, IB® educators also appreciate the following connections to IB® priorities: Authentic resources foster global mindedness and build intercultural competency by exposing students to different text types and providing meaningful context for grammar and vocabulary learning. Performance Assessments promote inquiry, cultivate cross-curricular and real-world connections, develop communication skills in all three modes. Assessment mirrors instruction as students acquire language through performance-based real-world tasks that are carefully sequenced and rooted in the five IB® themes. Students build proficiency through performance in an inductive approach that uses authentic resources to introduce, practice and refine understandings of grammar concepts and vocabulary. Ongoing opportunities for reflection encourage self-management skills, metacognition, conceptual understandings, interculturality.

  • Every student deserves a well-supported and empowered teacher. Our professional development is tightly focused on individual district needs, and therefore fully customized. We work with districts to understand needs and wants and then create a custom training package in terms of content, method of delivery, frequency, and duration.

    As former language teachers, members of our Instructional Development team are happy to partner with you to support teachers adopting Wayside programs. Our passion is providing high-quality, customized professional development to support teaching for proficiency and language acquisition for your students. We’re committed to ensuring that teachers using Wayside programs are 100 percent comfortable with all texts and digital resources.

Learning Site® Questions

  • Learning Site® bridges gaps between technology, pedagogy, content, and training. It is the home of FlexText®, an online textbook that connects seamlessly to your Explorer® course. Explorer® contains digital tools like flexible assigning and grading, student portfolios, authentic resources, and more.

    Learn more about Learning Site®

  • No. Learning Site® does not require Java or Adobe Flash! It can be used across laptops, Chromebooks, iPads, desktops, and smartphones, using the latest version of Chrome.

    For iOS devices like iPhones and iPads, make sure you have the latest updates installed, then download the Learning Site® app.

    For Android devices, you do not need the app and can experience the best Learning Site® performance through Chrome.

  • FlexText® is an online textbook that connects seamlessly to the authentic resources, activities and assessments hosted within Explorer®.

    1. Streamlined - Click FlexText® page icons to navigate back and forth from FlexText® content to authentic resource links, activities and assessments in Explorer®.
    2. Responsive - Across PCs, tablets, and smartphones, the display adjusts to whatever screen you’re using for an optimal experience.
    3. Markable - It's easy to use the FlexText® note taking tool on any page, or to identify what's important with the multi-color highlighter.
  • Explorer® is the online home of your courses, containing online activities and authentic resources, gradebooks, student portfolios, online classroom forums, and more.

    Take a full tour of EntreCulturas Explorer®

  • Learning Site® provides the pathway to all performance-based digital resources. With Learning Site®, continue teaching and learning without interruption. Set clear objectives and learning goals, explore all the differentiated activities for students, and give timely and effective feedback online!

    Activities in Explorer® support learners in acquiring or reinforcing vocabulary and grammar in context. Explorer® offers tasks in all modes of communication, including additional interpersonal tasks via online writing and recorded speaking opportunities. Expansion activities can be assigned to your entire class or to specific learners, and the Instructional Strategy Toolkit offers 200+ ideas that you can filter by learner styles, proficiency level, and more.

    Click here to review top tools and tips that virtual educators utilize within Learning Site®(PDF)

  • Classroom Forum is a flexible feature that educators can use to pose lesson openers, polls, links to external resources, and more. Learners and teachers can use Classroom Forum anytime as their community "bulletin board". Teachers love posting lesson openers and more, and students can comment, exchange GIFS, upload audio/video/photos, etc.

    Discussion Forum tasks are included in tasks themselves, providing educators an easy way to assign, monitor, and grade task-specific communications.

  • Use the online calendar to remind students of upcoming assignments and deadlines, assign tasks to specific learners or an entire class, and more. Explorer® lets you know when your students complete their work and alerts students as soon as you’ve graded. Grade each quiz question response without opening each question in Explorer®. Automatic grading is available where appropriate. Click here for a 1 minute video overview!

  • In the student portfolio found in Explorer®, students can upload evidence and reflect on progress related to ACTFL-aligned Can-do statements. In most our recent titles, Can-do's are located beside their related tasks and resources on the page, providing learners with a direct connection between what their progress in class and what they will be able to do in the real world as a result.

  • Roster data integrations include Clever, OneRoster, and many others served by Kimono.

    Learning Management System (LMS) integrations include Schoology, Google Classroom, and Canvas.

    Single Sign-On integrations include ADFS, ClassLink, Clever, Encore, Google SSO, Identify Automation, Rapid Identity, and SAML

  • We believe that all educators and learners should be able to access and use our textbook and digital offerings, Learning Site® application, and company website.

    We are committed to making this website usable by all people, including those with disabilities by meeting or exceeding the requirements of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 Level A/AA (WCAG 2.1 A/AA). We strive to make our sites an equal experience for everyone. As of a January, 2024 Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) assessment, Wayside Learning Site® has been verified as being in conformance with WCAG 2.1 A/AA. The full VPAT findings are available upon request at [email protected].

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    Some of our specific initiatives include, but are not limited to the following:

    1. Creation of Accessible Products: Wayside Publishing is using the guidelines above to create user-friendly digital products that are accessible to all audiences.
    2. Creation of Accessible Content: Wayside Publishing has established a Diversity and Inclusion Rubric used in the development of all our titles, which aims to ensure that the authentic native speaker materials and resources and all other print and digital resources in all of our programs allow learners to feel comfortable and motivated. We strive to present the content in legible, easy-to-use formats catering to the needs of as many learners and instructors as we can reach.

    Disclaimer: It is important to note that our efforts are ongoing as we work to implement the relevant improvements to meet WCAG 2.1 A/AA guidelines over time.

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