How We Teach

pioneering methods with exceptional results

Research-Based and ACTFL Aligned

  • Evolving with Research

    Our specialized team at Wayside has a unique understanding of the proven standards which we help write. We facilitate the use of ESSA Tier 4 required documents. Our logic model is used for efficacy reviews.
  • Designing Backwards

    With the goal of learner proficiency, Wayside creates programs using backward design. Starting with defining what we want students to be able to do and know, we then develop assessments in all three modes of communication. Finally, we create lessons and activities to help learners to gain the knowledge.
  • Cultivating Interculturality

    With Wayside, learners have a uniquely intercultural classroom experience. Our programs help make connections to local, national, and international cultures, encourage exploration of individual and community identities, and widen understanding of other cultures as different vs. foreign.
  • Differentiating Instruction

    Wayside embraces a differentiated instructional approach to meet the needs of all learners. From differentiated activities in Learning Site's® Instructional Strategies Toolkit to formative assessments in each unit, educators can adjust the learning experience to suit the needs of individuals.
  • Engaging Learners

    Our Comprehension-based™ readers engage learners and facilitate language acquisition through compelling, comprehensible stories. Designed to hold learners' attention in the target language and stretch their comprehension, they align with ACTFL's core practices of facilitating target language comprehensibility and teaching grammar as a concept in context.
  • Setting the Standard

    Our specialized team at Wayside utilizes proven research that meets the evidence standards defined in the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). Our logic model details the methodology behind our products and visualizes how we use research to achieve desired learning outcomes.