Seamlessly connect and exchange data with industry school systems

Make It Easier

Connecting your rostering data integrations with Learning Site® makes it easier for schools and districts to safely share and manage information about students, their courses, and enrollments.

This is done by connecting school systems, like the Student Information System (SIS) and/or Learning Management Systems (LMSs), with Learning Site, allowing for easy exchange of this data.

Customers Using EdLink Receive:

  • Streamlined setup and deployment through direct integration with your Student Information System (SIS) and/or your Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Automated Rostering

Customers Using Clever Secure Sync Receive:

  • Streamlined setup and deployment through direct integration with your student information system (SIS)
  • Secure data transfer through Clever’s portal

Customers Using OneRoster Receive:

  • Standardized data transfer
  • Secure data transfer through spreadsheet-style CSV templates

Additional Rostering Solutions

Learning Site supports a variety of rostering systems through EdLink and Elevate Data Sync formerly Kimono. These include but are not limited to:

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If you're farther along in this process or work on a school's tech team and need immediate support, email [email protected].

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