Français pour étudiants de niveau débutant à avancé

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French Titles


EntreCultures 1A & 1B for Middle School ©2025

Levels 1A and 1B of the EntreCultures series are designed for middle school students. The two books begin building foundational language skills, encourage an inquisitive mindset towards the Francophone world, and help students develop cultural insights necessary to experience life "entre cultures," using French to build communities.

Novice Low — Novice High

EntreCultures 1 ©2025

In EntreCultures 1, your learners will start their journey to proficiency by developing language skills, personal reflections, and cultural insights into the products, practices, perspectives, and behaviors of French-speaking communities to experience life "entre cultures," using French to connect with others.

Novice Low — Novice High

EntreCultures 2 ©2025

EntreCultures 2 uses the same cultural, proficiency-based approach as Level 1 to introduce new vocabulary and structures in context that take learners beyond the basics of the French language, recycling previously learned content to strengthen their communicative skills. Learners continue to engage and interact with the French-speaking world and make comparisons between francophone communities and their own.

Novice High — Intermediate Low

EntreCultures 3 ©2025

In EntreCultures 3 Companion Reader Edition, we present rigorous tasks that hone learners’ skills. Your learners will have the opportunity to engage with authentic texts and literature, experience IPAs with all modes of communication, reflect on the knowledge they have learned, interact with students from different francophone countries, and more, all while encompassing elements of AP® skills.

Intermediate Low — Intermediate Mid

EntreCultures 4 ©2025

EntreCultures 4 is designed to help learners build proficiency through the Intermediate Mid to Intermediate High levels by offering scaffolds for advanced themes and language. EntreCultures 4 is the last level of the EntreCultures program and equips students with the skills and knowledge to pursue advanced academic programs such as AP® or IB-level courses.

Intermediate Mid — Intermediate High

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