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EntreCulturas Explorer®

EntreCultures Explorer®

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Authentic Resources

Authentic resources always relate directly to unit themes and inspire communicative activities. In Explorer®, these resources include video, audio, links to podcasts and news stations from around the world, and more.


Tasks in Explorer® support learners in acquiring or reinforcing vocabulary and grammar in context. Explorer® offers tasks in all modes of communication, including additional interpersonal tasks via online writing and recorded speaking opportunities. Expansion activities can be assigned to your entire class or to specific learners, and the new Instructional Strategies Toolkit offers 100+ ideas that you can filter by learner styles, proficiency level, and more.

Assessment and Feedback

Performance-based assessments support learners in showing what they can do in the language, with extra support provided for educators including guides, rubrics, and more. And you can deliver feedback with the option to record or write comments.


Use the online calendar to remind students of upcoming assignments and deadlines, assign tasks to specific learners or an entire class, and more. Explorer® lets you know when your students complete their work and alerts students as soon as you’ve graded. Grade each quiz question response without opening each question in Explorer®. Automatic grading is available where appropriate.

Online Portfolios

Online student portfolios follow learners from unit to unit, level to level. Students can upload evidence of what they can do in the language, reflect on their progress related to Can-Do Statements, and set goals.

Classroom Forum and Discussion Forums

This is a flexible feature that educators can use to pose lesson openers, polls, links to external resources, and more. Learners and teachers can use Classroom Forum anytime as their community "bulletin board." Teachers love posting lesson openers and more, and students can comment, exchange GIFS, upload audio/video/photos, etc.

In EntreCulturas and EntreCultures, Discussion Forum tasks are included in Explorer® tasks themselves, providing educators an easy way to assign, monitor, and grade task-specific communications.

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