Meet Nualang!

Wayside’s Learning Site® and Nualang have teamed up to create a safe and user-friendly space for learners to practice language skills.

Wayside's Learning Site and Nualang

Wayside's Learning Site and Nualang have teamed up to create a safe and user-friendly space for learners to practice language skills. Nualang provides a variety of activities related to Wayside's EntreCulturas companion readers.

See why Nualang is such a great addition to Wayside's Learning Site.

We built an army of Chatty little helpers who love to talk in lots of languages!.. we call them Nuala’s – and they can help you generate conversations and language lessons specifically designed for your students.

Nualang functionality can be found in these Wayside editions


EntreCulturas 1 ©2023

Communicate, Explore, and Connect Across Cultures

Novice Low — Novice High

EntreCulturas 2 ©2023

Communicate, Explore, and Connect Across Cultures

Novice High — Intermediate Low

Los quince de Raquel

Raquel is on the verge of turning 15 over the summer. All she wants is a new phone and to celebrate with her friends, but her parents have other plans.

Novice Mid — Novice High

La mola misteriosa

María José finds a beautiful mola among her great-grandmother's treasured possessions, which leads her to discover a family secret.

Novice High — Intermediate Low


Learn how ordinary people, young and old, have had a global impact, and find out what YOU can do to help achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals!

Intermediate Low — Intermediate High

Émeraude, le bébé tortue marine

Newly hatched sea turtle Esmeralda faces many perils as she tries to find her way to the ocean!

Novice Low — Novice Mid

Silence, s’il vous plaît !

Life in Cairo, Egypt is anything but quiet. Day and night Samir hears continuous noise in spite of his attempts to ignore or eliminate it.

Novice Mid — Novice High

Le Vol des oiseaux

When Nathalie's father takes a new job in Cameroon, she finds herself in the middle of a dangerous scheme.

Novice Mid — Novice High

Nualang is designed to help your students excel in reading, writing, and listening, with a particular focus on their speaking skills.

Specifically designed for language learners, Nualang is cutting-edge technology that helps students overcome barriers to speaking in and understanding their target language.
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What makes Nualang so special?

  • Nualang helps improve language basics, particularly ones that require individualized support, like pronunciation! With Nualang, students practice key words and phrases related to each chapter, and they get lots of scaffolded practice. They can hear their recording, listen to a variety of other voices, see their score, and try again. The best part is that since students can practice anytime, anywhere, they gain confidence speaking.

  • Book character chatbots recreate scenes from each chapter, allowing the students to listen and speak, which helps solidify their ability to work with key ideas. And an open-ended chat asks students to answer comprehension questions about what they read, then expands the conversation to include personalized questions. These exercises motivate learners to converse—a lot!

  • Our Nuala chatbots are keen to chat with students. Some Nualas have built-in lessons, while others are an open canvas, ready for you to create your own lessons and conversations. And the individualized support and instant feedback from Nualas ensure students' skills develop, even with limited teacher time.

  • Students can save their answers to open-ended activities, allowing teachers to gain helpful insights from individual student analysis and classroom heat maps that show how the class is doing as a whole.

  • Customize language learning based on your needs and preferences. Customizable and auto-generated content like roleplay exercises and chatbot conversations get your students talking about the things they love and give them instant feedback as they practice. You can even create your own scenarios and fun activities to get your students talking about the stuff they love.

  • Access a library of lessons made by teachers and conversation bot tools to engage your students. Easily copy and revise lessons and exercises to make them fun and relevant for your students. You can also keep your courses private or make them public to share with other teachers around the world.

  • This exciting new feature called DISCUSS is designed to allow two to four students to speak to each other using a prompt that their teacher assigns to them. The discussion can be completed inside or outside of the classroom and is intended to encourage student to student practice with the language. For more information on FAQs, click here.