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That's why Wayside’s Learning Site® is partnering with Nualang to pilot some exciting new software for the 2022 academic year.

Take part in something unique!

Wayside is recruiting fifteen Level 2 Spanish teachers to pilot a few Nualang activities in one 20-minute lesson to occur in October 2022. There is no limit to the number of your Level 2 Spanish students who may join in.

Participating teachers will complete a brief online survey this fall and will be invited to take part in short 1-to-1 sessions to review their pilot experience.

Learn more about the Nualang Pilot Program's Terms and Conditions.

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Thank you for your interest.

Due to extremely high demand, enrollment in this pilot is now closed. Participants can expect notifications via email in the coming days.

Pilot Overview

Participants can learn more about the implementation and details of the Nualang Pilot below.

What is Nualang?

Nualang is an online platform for engaging world language students in conversation. Designed specifically for language learners, Nualang is cutting edge technology that helps students overcome barriers to speaking their target language.