La lengua de las mariposas

La lengua de las mariposas
Short Stories
Complements the Award-Winning Spanish Film

Intermediate to Advanced / Intermediate Low — Advanced Mid

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The enriching reader, La lengua de las mariposas, helps you use complementary cinematic and literary sources to teach your students about the Spanish language and culture.

The feature film "La lengua de las mariposas,” adapted from three of Manuel Rivas' award-winning short stories, follows the life of a young Galician boy coming of age at the outset of the Spanish Civil War.

Filled with annotations, vocabulary lists, and essay and conversational questions, La lengua de las mariposas engages your students in making connections and comparisons across cultures and artistic genres. Students will explore cultural themes to enhance their understanding of the film and stories while engaging with modern, accessible material.

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"I am so excited to use this book in my Advanced Grammar and Composition course this fall. It looks fantastic. I will pair it with the film, guest speakers from Spain, and other cultural activities!"

Amey Herman


"Cinema and literature complement each other very well. Teaching the two together gives students a way to really enrich what they have already learned outside of a textbook setting in a way they find challenging and enjoyable."

Daniel Sheff


"I loved the format, vocabulary and exercises for student practice. I also liked the history of the Spanish Civil War and Franco's part in the destruction of so many lives, especially Garcia Lorca's."

Diane Psihogios


"This book is similar in content to plans that we had drawn up to use with our classes! I like that the book makes the connection between the original short stories and the movie, that it will help students to broaden their vocabulary, and give them some experience with literature."

Michelle Marnicio

"This is a very accessible book for students with just the right amount of vocabulary and interesting stories! It's a wonderful supplement to what is already being used as a core textbook."

Ana Mendoza

"Este librito será un recurso valioso. El cuento mismo es tan triste y precioso a la vez; la información que acompaña el cuento que ilustra el contexto histórico y cultural del cuento es excelente. Los otros cuentos que el librito contiene también son buenísimos. Las preguntas después de cada cuento son perspicaces y útiles para ayudar con la comprensión."

Donna Cavaille

"The introduction is well organized quite clear as well as the variety of practice activities. It helps students began to explore the historic life of Spain at that moment as well as reviewing grammar points and key-high frequency vocabulary within the context of sub-section theme and scenes. Simple, basic, and necessarily grammar points well selected for the cultural topic!"

José Marillo


  • 91 pages
  • Uses complementary literary and cinematic sources
  • Three interconnected short stories
  • Annotations, vocabulary lists, and essay questions
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