InterKulturell 1

InterKulturell 1
Learn German and explore its culture with InterKulturell

Level 1 / Novice Low — Novice High


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InterKulturell is a new comprehensive four-level, proficiency-based, thematically organized program that fosters a lifelong love for learning the German language and culture.

With InterKulturell 1 your learners will build the language skills, personal attitudes, and cultural insights necessary to experience life using German to connect with others. It included authentic unit-aligned resources from across the German-speaking world, such as podcasts, videos, infographics, and more. STEM-centric activities are seamlessly woven into the program as well as AP® and IB themes from the very beginning.

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Access InterKulturell 1 online through Learning Site® which brings classes together and personalizes the learning experience with its interactive platform that unites content, technology, and pedagogy.


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