InterKulturell 1

InterKulturell 1
Learn German and explore its culture with InterKulturell
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Level 1 / Novice Low — Novice High


InterKulturell is a new comprehensive four-level, proficiency-based, thematically organized program that fosters a lifelong love for learning the German language and culture.

With InterKulturell 1 your learners will build the language skills, personal attitudes, and cultural insights necessary to experience life using German to connect with others. It included authentic unit-aligned resources from across the German-speaking world, such as podcasts, videos, infographics, and more. STEM-centric activities are seamlessly woven into the program as well as AP® and IB themes from the very beginning.

Learning Site®

Access InterKulturell 1 online through Learning Site® which brings classes together and personalizes the learning experience with its interactive platform that unites content, technology, and pedagogy. InterKulturell is the first Wayside program to feature modular functionality that allows you to have more control over how you teach. It allows you to move around unit modules within the program structure, so you can adapt the material to your teaching style and learners needs.


  • Each teacher edition of InterKulturell shows you how to incorporate proficiency-based instruction into your classroom, providing ample tips and suggestions throughout each unit. Our annotated Teacher Editon provides:

    • Instructional notes with details and tips for implementing activities.
    • Online resources such as organizers, audio, video or Weitere Übungen.
    • ACTFL Standards for the “Five Cs” indicating the mode of Communication or the aspect of Cultures, Comparisons, Connections, and Communities to assist with lesson planning.
    • Culture tips to expand students’ cultural knowledge or provide supplementary information.
    • Can-Do Icons for activities that support and share a Can-Do statement with Unterwegs formative performance assessments.
    • Answers or possible answers, where appropriate.
    • Language points out linguistic features, etymology, or other facets of language that may be shared with students.
    • Scaffold, Challenge, and Differentiate, the three types of differentiation notes with suggestions for adding support, providing an extra challenge, or meeting students’ learning preferences.
  • The InterKulturell series includes AP® and IB themes from the very beginning. Teacher resources in the end matter of the Teacher Edition outline the themes and subthemes, so learners can prepare for this trajectory from the very beginning of the program.

  • InterKulturell is filled with unit-aligned resources from across the German-speaking world, like podcasts, videos, infographics, articles, stories, poems, and more.

  • Dr. Cynthia Chalupa is an Associate Professor of German and German Language Program Director at West Virginia University. Dr. Chalupa began her career by coordinating the Collaborative Articulation and Assessment Project in Ohio as part of her duties as the Ohio State Foreign Language Center’s Assistant Director. Since becoming a faculty member at WVU, she has taught all levels of language and culture, World Language Teaching Methods, and general education courses. In addition to her work at the university, Dr. Chalupa has served as an AP Reader and co-chair of the AP German Exam Development Committee. She has also co-chaired the National German Exam Committee and served as an item writer for over twelve years. She was an advisory board member for the ACTFL/ETS Praxis II Exam and the ACTFL-DLI Standards Setting Committee and became certified as an OPI tester in German. She served as the Central representative and Secretary on the AATG Board of Directors (term ending in 2022) and currently serves as a representative on the NECTFL Board of Directors. She is the NECTFL representative to ACTFL and serves on that organization’s Executive Committee.

  • The U.S.-based authors of InterKulturell, all educators and leaders in the field, used a backward-design process in developing the overall curriculum and each unit. At the unit level, they first decide on unit objectives, then write the summative assessment based on that, then write the three formative assessments, and then build each unit section based on meeting the goals of these formative and summative assessments.

  • Assignable Can-Do statements in each unit of InterKulturell show learners a direct connection between tasks and the learning target. Learners can upload completed Can-Do assignments to their student portfolios to show growth, and when it is time to evaluate their learning, students can complete performance-based formative and summative assessments.

  • InterKulturell nurtures your learners' interculturality by reflecting on the products, practices, and perspectives of German-speaking communities, to develop in students the capacity to make connections between elements of the target culture and their own culture. Teen video bloggers from around the German-speaking world provide unscripted insights into the themes of the units with activities built around the videos.

  • InterKulturell fully aligns with ACTFL's World-Readiness Standards and incorporates Can-Do Statements, performance descriptors, and proficiency guidelines.

  • Each unit consists of a series of activities and steps that provide teachers and learners with ongoing feedback on learners’ progress. These activities include the following:

    • Formative assessments, which build learners’ content knowledge and skills in the language and provide teacher and learner with evidence of progress toward proficiency through a variety of tasks and check-ins.
    • Summative assessments, which are performance-based, enable learners to demonstrate what they know and can do in the language.
  • Our enhanced modular platform, Learning Site®, serves as a conduit connecting learners to a plethora of language learning resources designed to ignite their ongoing exploration. Featuring a user-friendly interface, both learners and educators can effortlessly navigate the course materials. Within our Learning Site platform, educators and learners will discover a wealth of integrated resources, including video blogs, authentic content, grammar tutorials, supplementary vocabulary exercises, discussion forums, interactive quizzes, and more. Furthermore, students have the opportunity to compile evidence of their progress in an online Portfolio.

    Educators will appreciate the versatility of the Learning Site environment, which seamlessly accommodates embedded content within courses and facilitates the grading process. Core content and supplementary materials are easily accessible, offering educators a comprehensive toolkit for instruction. These learning objects can be conveniently assigned by educators, enabling students to concentrate on specific topics, customization options support differentiation for students' individual needs thereby reinforcing comprehension and speaking skills.

All the Support You Need

  • Professional Development

    Wayside's Instructional Strategists and Instructional Technologists make it easy to access timely, free professional development opportunities.
  • Reading Room

    Is there a topic you want to learn more about? Explore our Reading Room for articles by our Instructional Designers and other world languages educators in the field.
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Each book comes with a subscription to Learning Site®

The Interactive Digital Textbook

Your FlexText® is the page-by-page digital version of the textbook and is available through your Explorer® class or the FlexText® Library link on your Dashboard. Don't want to bring home your textbook? No problem! FlexText® is available wherever there is internet access.

A Community Bulletin Board

Learners and teachers alike use the Classroom Forum anytime as their online community bulletin board. Teachers love posting lesson openers, polls, links to external resources, and more. And students can comment, exchange GIFS, and upload audio, videos, and photos.

Learning to hold a conversation

Mock conversations with pre-recorded conversation prompts challenge your learners to hone their conversational skills. Learners record themselves replying to comments and questions, and the recorded conversations can be added to their portfolio as an artifact.

Tracking Their Own Progress

Online student portfolios follow learners from unit to unit, level to level. Students can upload evidence of what they can do in the language - assigned Can-Do statements, activities, quizzes, audio files, PowerPoint and Word files, and more. This allows them to set goals and reflect on their progress related to Can-Do Statements.

Efficient, Integrated Grading

Use the online calendar to remind students of upcoming assignments and deadlines, assign tasks to specific learners or an entire class, and more. Explorer® lets you know when your students complete their work and alerts students as soon as you’ve graded. Grade each quiz question response without opening each question in Explorer®. Automatic grading is available where appropriate.

More Than 200 Ideas

Wayside’s Instructional Strategies Toolkit provides loads of instructional ideas and approaches that can be filtered by mode, skill, proficiency level, activity type, learning style, and more! Whether you are a new teacher or want to find new strategies, the toolkit provides built-in world language methodology and pedagogy training at any time.

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