Dive into Language: 5 Podcasts to Boost Your Teaching This Summer

As the sun shines and the pool beckons, it’s the perfect time to soak up some professional development alongside your SPF.


As the sun shines and the pool beckons, it’s the perfect time to soak up some professional development alongside your SPF. In this post, we explore five of our favorite podcasts that we think every world language teacher should listen to. These podcasts are not only informative and educational but also incredibly engaging, making them perfect companions for your summer relaxation. Grab your towel and earbuds and head to the pool to hang out with Language Lounge host Michelle Olah and her guests.

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Featured Episodes

Language Lounge Episode 64: Getting Organized with Lisa McHargue
Description: Remember all those great tips and tricks you learned in episode 64 about organizing your teacher (and personal!) life but you didn’t have time during the school year to do it? Summer is perfect for setting up systems to make your next school year more organized and efficient! Revisit episode 64 and hear Lisa dole out some tips and tricks for getting and staying organized so you can save time, avoid stress and find what you need when you need it. Your future self will thank you!

Language Lounge Episode 70: IPAs from A To Z with Lisa Shepard
Description: IPA, is it a beer or an assessment? Not sure? Listen to this episode of the Language Lounge featuring Lisa Shepard. She and host, Michelle Olah, cover the whys and hows of IPAs. Whether you are new to IPAs or just need a refresher, this episode has everything you need to get started, build your confidence, or confirm that you are doing it right. So go ahead and multi-task, grab an IPA while you find out more about IPAs.

BONUS: Want more on IPAs? Check out Language Lounge Episode 41 Building IPAs with Alexis Buschert. Alexis has great tips and tricks for saving you time, energy and your mental health. Did you know you don't have to grade everything?

Language Lounge Episode 62: Ultimate Guide for Getting Started with Target Language with Marnina Falk
Description: In this very popular episode of the Language Lounge guest Marnina Falk guides us through getting the year started using Target Language, what to plan, how to plan, and planning your backup plan so that you are ready for every contingency. Marnina and Language Lounge host Michelle Olah offer practical tips and encouragement of how to get to 90%+ target language use and create a strong sense of community in our classrooms.

Language Lounge Episode 38: Find a Mentor, Be a Mentor with Liz Matchett
Description: Do you have someone who supports you when things get tough? Are you that person to someone else? Mentor relationships come in all shapes and sizes. In this episode, Michelle talks with Liz Matchett, about the importance of being a mentor and finding mentors so we can find ways to grow professionally and as a human being.

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So, this summer, transform your downtime into development time with engaging podcasts. Whether you're refining your teaching techniques or deepening your understanding of the cultures behind the languages you teach, these audio resources are sure to enrich your professional life. Tune in, relax, and let the waves of knowledge lift you to new heights of teaching proficiency. Learn more about our Facebook groups

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