Splash into Learning: Join Our Live Poolside Proficiency Event!

This summer, dive deeper into your professional development with our exciting live event, "Live in the Language Lounge."


This summer, dive deeper into your professional development with our exciting live event, "Live in the Language Lounge." As part of our "Poolside Proficiency" series, we are thrilled to invite you to a unique gathering of world language educators. Whether you’d like to soak up some sun or soak in some knowledge, this event promises to blend learning with leisure in a way that only summer can offer.

Join us poolside (or virtually from your own relaxing spot) for an amazing panel discussion with thought leaders of AATSP (American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese), AATG (American Association of Teachers of German, AATF (American Association of Teachers of French) and CLTA (Chinese Language Teacher Association) to talk about how you can continue growing your language and intercultural proficiency without leaving the country! (P.S. There may be some tips on how you can leave the country too!)

Live Events

Date: June 14, 2024

Time: 1 pm EST

Moderator: Michelle Olah

Featured Panelists: AATG President, Angelika Becker, AATF Region III Representative Karen Campbell Kuebler, AATSP member and K-12 LSP (Languages for Specific Purposes) Katrina Beeck and CLTA representative, Yi-Wen Lui

Registration: Ready to make a splash in your professional growth? Register now to secure your spot at this can't-miss event. Whether you're joining us poolside or online, we can't wait to see you there!

Past Events
Watch The Live Recordings

Date: June 5, 2024

LIVE Workshop: Enriching World Language Instruction through Artificial Intelligence

Presenter: Ed Weiss

Time: 4 pm ET (90 minutes)

Description: Now that artificial intelligence has taken the world by storm, world language teachers need to know how AI can enrich our professional lives. The great news is that there are numerous AI-based sites and apps that will enrich our teaching experience, save us a tremendous amount of time, and fully engage our students. The workshop will offer a very clear explanation of what AI actually is and how it can become your teaching assistant. My presentation will feature the best of the best sites along with a live demonstration of each one. Links to all of these sites will be provided. Get ready to be astounded and impressed by what AI can bring to world language instruction.

LIVE Recording Coming Soon

As we gear up for a day of insightful discussions and lively interactions at "Live in the Language Lounge," remember that this event is more than just an opportunity to learn—it's a chance to rejuvenate your teaching practices and connect with a community of passionate educators. From practical advice on enhancing language proficiency without leaving the country to exciting possibilities abroad, our panelists from AATSP, AATG, AATF and CLTA are ready to share their expertise. Don't miss this perfect blend of professional development and summertime leisure. Register today, join the conversation, and let's transform our teaching together by making a splash in language education this summer!

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