70. IPAs from A to Z with Lisa Shepard

70. IPAs from A to Z with Lisa Shepard

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IPA, is it a beer or an assessment? Not sure? Listen to this episode of the Language Lounge featuring Lisa Shepard. She and host, Michelle Olah, cover the whys and hows of IPAs. Whether you are new to IPAs or just need a refresher this episode has everything you need to get started, build your confidence, or confirm that you are doing it right. So go ahead and multi-task, grab an IPA while you find out more about IPAs.


Lisa Shepard earned her bachelor’s degree in education with a major in French and her master’s degree in curriculum and instruction. During her 29 years in the classroom, she developed her knowledge of best practices in world language education by taking courses, attending conferences, reading professional publications, and participating in a variety of online forums. In 2016, she was selected as the Ohio Foreign Language Association Teacher of the Year. She has provided professional development to world language teachers by presenting workshops at the local, state, and regional levels as well as through her blog, Madame‘s Musings. She is now using her experience with standards-based unit design and proficiency-based instruction and assessment to present at regional and national conferences and provide on-site workshops to teachers interested in updating their practice to reflect current standards.

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