Triángulo APreciado, 6ª edición

Triángulo APreciado, 6ª edición
AP® Spanish Language and Culture

AP® Spanish Language and Culture / Intermediate High — Pre-Advanced

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The newest edition of this cornerstone program provides an in-depth exploration of Spanish language and culture while preserving the intensive AP® preparation educators have valued in previous versions.

Exam Mastery is Just the Beginning

Each chapter of Triángulo APreciado, 6ª edición focuses on a particular cultural product or theme. AP® level activities and exercises encourage students to connect cultural practices and perspectives to the chapter’s product.

Through activities and assessments designed in conjunction with authentic materials, your students will connect products, practices, and perspectives in their own lives to the lives of Spanish speakers around the world.

Using Triángulo APreciado 6.ª, your students will develop the necessary cultural and linguistic competence to communicate effectively and perform well on the AP® Spanish Language and Culture exam.

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  • Revamped structure! Each of the five units highlights a specific cultural product or perspective with focus questions guiding student reflection.
  • A variety of authentic, classroom-ready resources in audio, video, and print formats.
  • All six global AP® themes and 35 sub-themes are addressed.
  • Intentional vocabulary practice and online activities to get deep, long-term vocabulary knowledge.
  • Problematic grammar is reviewed at the end of each chapter.
  • Resources from a variety of cultures engage heritage learners.
  • Incorporates College Board updates to the 2020 Spanish Language and Culture exam.

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"I have used the Wayside Triángulo series since I started with the 4ª Edición in 2009. I am partial to Triángulo because it contains a wide range of quality authentic materials that my students find interesting, educational, and validating. This, combined with a high level of challenge, prepares students to succeed on the AP® exam. For most of my students, AP® Spanish is the first honors-level course they have ever taken. Many of my students are from low socio-economic level homes, under-represented educationally. In addition, a good number of my students come from college-educated English-only homes. Regardless of their backgrounds, my students' pass rate is 95-100% every year and much of this is due to the quality of the Triángulo materials."

C. Spencer

Spanish Teacher, Mammoth USD, CA

"After implementing Triángulo APreciado in the 2019-2020 school year, gains in proficiency among learners were evident. I plan on using Triángulo APreciado next year (and beyond) and I would recommend it to colleagues. It is very easy to follow for teacher and learner, with many useful resources!"

J. Bryant

Spanish Teacher, Baltimore County Public Schools

"Wayside Publishing has done well in presenting a curriculum that not only meets AP® requirements but also works to engage students at their level. The focus on proficiency more than just on doing well on the AP® test is preferred to how other curricula are set up. The up-to-date authentic materials are appreciated and save a great deal of time developing content for my course.

The integration of technology with physical textbooks is solid and in a year where much is done online, it is not only useable but enhances student success, and works quite well compared to other publishers' sites."

A. Hollingsworth

Spanish Teacher, Indiana

"I have been teaching AP® Spanish for over four years. Overall, Triángulo APreciado is an awesome program. It provides everything I need to support a learner's real-world language skills and cultural competency. It will be my first pick for future years and I would recommend it to colleagues."

E. Burchfield

Spanish Teacher, Indianapolis

"My learners strive to succeed in the AP® and be prepared for in-depth study in university courses. I have been looking for a textbook that fits my style of teaching, one that my students and I can connect to, one that has more manageable chapters. [Triangulo APpreciado] is the book I have been looking for."

Eglee Rodriguez

Cranbook Schools, MI

"This is my first year teaching AP® Spanish and I didn't know where to begin. This made my AP® preparation fun, enjoyable, and most importantly, now that I am a few months in I see my students are engaged."

Adriana K.


"My relationship with Wayside has been one of the highlights of my teaching career. One year I helped 40 students pass the AP® exam with 5s and 4s. Great service and great books that help our students succeed. Thank you."

A. Ruggles

Las Vegas

Each book comes with a subscription to Learning Site®

The Interactive Digital Textbook

Your FlexText® is the page-by-page digital version of the textbook and is available through your Explorer® class or the FlexText® Library link on your Dashboard. Don't want to bring home your textbook? No problem! FlexText® is available wherever there is internet access.

A Community Bulletin Board

Learners and teachers alike use the Classroom Forum anytime as their online community bulletin board. Teachers love posting lesson openers, polls, links to external resources, and more. And students can comment, exchange GIFS, and upload audio, videos, and photos.

Learning to hold a conversation

Mock conversations with pre-recorded conversation prompts challenge your learners to hone their conversational skills. Learners record themselves replying to comments and questions, and the recorded conversations can be added to their portfolio as an artifact.

Tracking Their Own Progress

Online student portfolios follow learners from unit to unit, level to level. Students can upload evidence of what they can do in the language - assigned Can-Do statements, activities, quizzes, audio files, PowerPoint and Word files, and more. This allows them to set goals and reflect on their progress related to Can-Do Statements.

Efficient, Integrated Grading

Use the online calendar to remind students of upcoming assignments and deadlines, assign tasks to specific learners or an entire class, and more. Explorer® lets you know when your students complete their work and alerts students as soon as you’ve graded. Grade each quiz question response without opening each question in Explorer®. Automatic grading is available where appropriate.

More Than 200 Ideas

Wayside’s Instructional Strategies Toolkit provides loads of instructional ideas and approaches that can be filtered by mode, skill, proficiency level, activity type, learning style, and more! Whether you are a new teacher or want to find new strategies, the toolkit provides built-in world language methodology and pedagogy training at any time.

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