Chiarissimo Due

Chiarissimo Due
Italian Language and Culture Program

Level 2 / Novice High — Intermediate Low

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With a focus on communication, Chiarissimo Due, the second book in our Italian series, further develops students’ abilities to ask and answer questions and to exchange opinions and ideas on a diversity of topics using a variety of different tenses.

"Finalmente! Finally, there is a textbook series that satisfies every need. Chiarissimo Uno and Chiarissimo Due are my one-stop resource for creating and carrying out engaging lessons. Written in a clear and logical manner, the content is easily understood and well suited to independent learning that can be expanded upon in the classroom in an effective sequence of communicative activities. Visually appealing and colorful, the graphics enhance the students' understanding and generate enthusiasm. The use of grammar and vocabulary recycling throughout the book reflect the invaluable experience and wisdom of two dedicated educators. The Chiarissimo series is a revolution and a revelation for teachers of Italian."

Jenn Trevisiol

The Prout School, Rhode Island

"A masterpiece. It covers every aspect of language learning with many exercises and as the name means very clear explanations."

Louis B.

Bienvenuti in Italia

Chiarissimo Due is divided into 10 Siti. A Sito Preliminare (preliminary lesson), provides a general review of the material presented in Chiarissimo Uno. Siti 1-8 integrate grammar, vocabulary, and regional culture lessons with differentiated instruction in the Presentational, Interpretive, and Interpersonal modes of communication. The last Sito, Sito 9, reviews and assesses learner overall performance of the previous siti.

Each chapter concludes with an abundance of listening, reading, writing, speaking, and cultural exercises and activities from the current and previous siti. The final sito, Sito 9, reviews and assesses all material covered in Chiarissimo Due.

Through Chiarissimo Uno e Chiarissimo Due, students are provided the initial foundation and preparation for the AATI National Italian Contest Examination, the AP® Italian Language and Culture Course/Exam, and the SAT Subject Test™ in Italian.

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  • Linguistically and culturally authentic examples of language
  • Targeted learning objectives that build on comprehensible input
  • Real-world tasks that develop all modes of communication
  • Annotated Teacher Edition

Each book comes with a subscription to Learning Site®

The Interactive Digital Textbook

Your FlexText® is the page-by-page digital version of the textbook and is available through your Explorer® class or the FlexText® Library link on your Dashboard. Don't want to bring home your textbook? No problem! FlexText® is available wherever there is internet access.

A Community Bulletin Board

Learners and teachers alike use the Classroom Forum anytime as their online community bulletin board. Teachers love posting lesson openers, polls, links to external resources, and more. And students can comment, exchange GIFS, and upload audio, videos, and photos.

Learning to hold a conversation

Mock conversations with pre-recorded conversation prompts challenge your learners to hone their conversational skills. Learners record themselves replying to comments and questions, and the recorded conversations can be added to their portfolio as an artifact.

Tracking Their Own Progress

Online student portfolios follow learners from unit to unit, level to level. Students can upload evidence of what they can do in the language - assigned Can-Do statements, activities, quizzes, audio files, PowerPoint and Word files, and more. This allows them to set goals and reflect on their progress related to Can-Do Statements.

Efficient, Integrated Grading

Use the online calendar to remind students of upcoming assignments and deadlines, assign tasks to specific learners or an entire class, and more. Explorer® lets you know when your students complete their work and alerts students as soon as you’ve graded. Grade each quiz question response without opening each question in Explorer®. Automatic grading is available where appropriate.

More Than 200 Ideas

Wayside’s Instructional Strategies Toolkit provides loads of instructional ideas and approaches that can be filtered by mode, skill, proficiency level, activity type, learning style, and more! Whether you are a new teacher or want to find new strategies, the toolkit provides built-in world language methodology and pedagogy training at any time.

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Chiarissimo Uno

Italian Language and Culture Program

Novice Low — Novice High

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