Robert Parker


Robert Parker is a native English speaker whose journey with language learning started in middle school. Now a passionate language teacher, he wants students to learn what it is to successfully communicate in a second, or even third language, and lives to prove that proficiency can happen inside a classroom. Robert earned dual Bachelor’s degrees in German Language and Literature as well as Spanish Language and Literature from the University of Maryland, College Park before receiving a Master’s degree in German Language and Literature from the same institution.

In 2009, Robert began his teaching career in Fairfax County Public Schools in Virginia, teaching both German and Spanish before moving into the curriculum office where he supported middle and high school teachers of language across the system. After a move to New York City, he now teaches German and Spanish in the NYC Department of Education. He works to bring improved language skills to second language learners and heritage speakers in the high school setting while assisting at the school level in the professional development of teachers of all disciplines.

Robert is excited to see InterKulturell bring new materials to the hands of teachers who will reinvigorate the teaching of German nationwide. He is excited to see what German teaching professionals can do with the exciting basis provided by the series.

Robert's Programs


InterKulturell 2

Coming Soon in 2024

Novice High — Intermediate Low

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