Michelle Olah


Michelle Olah was inspired to be a language educator by her own experience taking Spanish 1 as a student in Minnesota. Upon seeing a photograph of the painting "Las Meninas", Michelle convinced her family to go to Spain to see it in person, and came home a lifelong devotee of Spanish language and culture.

Michelle applies that same passion to her work as an Instructional Strategist for Wayside Publishing, where she blends current research and tech tools with personal experiences gleaned from over seventeen years of experience working with students and teachers in Florida. Michelle's past experience includes virtual instruction, which has lended itself well to coaching educators new to the virtual classroom environment.

Michelle is a Past President of the Florida Foreign Language Association (FFLA), member of Cohort 1 and past facilitator for ACTFL’s Leadership Initiative in Language Learning (LILL), President for the National Network for Early Language Learning (NNELL), and Board Member for Southern Conferense on Language Teaching (SCOLT). She is a frequent presenter at state, regional and national world languages conferences.

Decluttering Your Mind and Curriculum, multi-media project:

Decluttering Your Mind and Curriculum, multi-media project:

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