Wayside Publishing Acquires Lit

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FREEPORT, Maine, June 28, 2023 – Wayside Publishing®, the fastest-growing, U.S.-based K–12 world languages publisher, announces the acquisition of Lit®, an input-based language-acquisition tool and a leading creator of comprehensible input animated video stories.

Wayside Publishing has been in business since 1988 and creates proficiency-based print and digital world language programs and Comprehension-based Readers™. With a focus on innovation, Wayside continues to expand their range of creative and time-saving technologies for educators—ones that also provide students with engaging and supportive learning-enhancement tools.

"We will immediately begin using the Lit library of videos to enhance new and future products, and the in-house video production will allow us to create content faster and at a lower cost," said Wayside President Greg Greuel. "The combination of Lit content with our products will enhance our offerings and add to what our customers have been asking from us."

"Through this acquisition, Wayside’s customers gain access to Lit’s engaging animated stories and activities that promote contextualized language learning,” said Founder and CEO of Lit, Mati Amin. “With Wayside’s commitment to empowering teachers and learners and fostering a love for languages and cultures, the future of world language education looks promising.”

About Wayside Publishing®: Wayside creates innovative teaching and learning products to meet the needs of world language classrooms today and in the future. Their suite of print resources is complemented by leading-edge classroom technology solutions that bring together the written word and flexible digital tools. Wayside is positioned to continue rapid growth as more and more teachers, district leaders, and state review committees choose their proficiency-based products.

About Mati Amin: Educator and entrepreneur Mati Amin now hopes to focus on developing impactful applications that facilitate access to education for girls in Afghanistan.


If you would like more information about this release, please contact Cristina Flores-Girnus at (888) 302-2519, or email her at [email protected]