Sunscreen and Strategy: Summer Guides for World Language Teachers

Summer is here, and it's the perfect season for world language teachers to soak up some sun and strategic insights.
*includes 3 free downloadable guides


Summer is here, and it's the perfect season for world language teachers to soak up some sun and strategic insights. In this post in our "Poolside Proficiency" series, we deliver essential tip sheets and action plans that aim to simplify your teaching and enhance your effectiveness in the classroom. Ready your beach towel and your notepad, because these resources combine the best of leisure and learning.

Why Use Tip Sheets and Action Plans? Efficiency is key during the summer months. Our specially designed tip sheets and action plans are succinct, focused, and packed with actionable steps. They are crafted to help you tackle specific teaching challenges, streamline curriculum planning, and optimize classroom management—all without taking up too much of your precious relaxation time.

Tip Sheet: Checking for Understanding

Description: How do you know that students understand what you are saying when you are speaking in the target language? Checks for Understanding of course! Download or print this guide to ensure you are using various verbal and nonverbal checks with your students.

Tip Sheet: 6 Ways to Make Language Comprehensible

Description: You are speaking the language, but do they understand you? How can you help students comprehend the language? Download this quick tip sheet to remind you of some common supports that aid student comprehension.

At a Glance Guide: Talking about Proficiency

Description: Need a quick and easy way to talk to stakeholders about proficiency? Here is a quick guide that shows what learners in novice, intermediate, and advanced levels can do with the language in each mode of communication. Easy to understand language makes it great for students, principals and parents.

To get the most out of these resources, review them with specific goals in mind. Consider how each tip or step can be integrated into your upcoming lessons or administrative tasks. These tools are meant to save you time and energy, so tailor their use to fit your unique teaching style and needs.

Equip yourself with our "Sunscreen and Strategy" guides this summer and return to your classroom ready to implement new ideas with confidence. Remember, a well-prepared teacher is an effective teacher. Enjoy your summer break, but also take this chance to prepare for a fantastic start to the new school year.

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