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Discover our newest professional learning workshops designed to elevate your instruction and expand the impact of your classroom. Wayside Publishing provides high-quality, relevant professional development to support your district or school. Our team of experienced experts in World Languages are ready to support you in your instructional learning and goals. Whether you are a current Wayside customer or whether you are using alternate resources in the classroom, we have the perfect learning opportunity for you and your district.

Performance Outcomes:
The Building Blocks of Proficiency

Topic: Understanding Proficiency Levels and Performance Descriptors

Novice and intermediate and advanced, oh my! What do these terms mean and what do these student performance outcomes look like in world language classrooms? More importantly, how can you help your students to understand them to motivate them to grow their linguistic and intercultural proficiency? In this session, participants will dig deep into understanding the ACTFL’s performance descriptors, what they look like in the modern language classroom, and how to teach and assess with performance outcomes in mind. Teachers will also create a plan on how they will facilitate student-centered conversations around language and intercultural proficiency.

Authentic Adventure:
Unlocking the Language and Motivation of Real-World Resources

Topic: Guiding Learners Through Interpreting Authentic Resources

Authentic resources are excellent sources of real-world language and can serve as powerful motivators for students. However, finding and scaffolding authentic resources can be a challenge. In this workshop, we will discuss strategies for supporting students as they interpret authentic resources. Participants will also design scaffolded tasks and activities that they can implement in their own courses.

Dive In:
Maximizing Target Language Use in Instruction

Topic: Facilitating Teacher Target Language Use

Immersing learners in the target language is key for moving them along the path to proficiency. The first step is making sure that we use the language at least 90% of the time as we conduct our classes and that the language that we use is comprehensible to students. Participants will explore and practice strategies for increasing teacher use of the target language in various facets of instruction.

Grammar Gets a Makeover:
Modern Methods for Teaching World Languages

Topic: Teaching Grammar as Concept and Used in Context

Grammar can often be a daunting and tedious topic for both language teachers and students, but it doesn’t have to be! In this session, we will explore modern methods for teaching grammar in the world language classroom that are engaging, interactive, and meaningful. Participants will learn how to incorporate authentic materials, such as music, news articles, or literature, into their grammar lessons, balance explicit grammar instruction with communicative language teaching, adapt their grammar teaching for students at different proficiency levels, and incorporate cultural knowledge into their lessons.

Meet the Team

Dr. Jay Ketner

Senior Manager of Professional Learning

Michelle Olah

Manager of Professional Development

Terri Hammatt

Instructional Strategist

Marnina Falk

Instructional Strategist

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