Comprehension-Based Reader™
As Teresa and her grandmother prepare the family’s altar to honor their Mazahua ancestors, Teresa discovers the incredible secret that is carried on the wings of the monarch butterflies.

Level 1 and up / Novice Low — Novice Mid

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Monarch butterflies migrate as far as 3000 miles each year! Is it just instinct that drives these small and delicate creatures to fly from the U.S. and Canada to Michoacán, México? Is it a mere coincidence that millions of butterflies return to Michoacán, or is there another force that drives them to arrive… just in time for the Day of the Dead? As Teresa and her grandmother prepare the family’s altar to honor their Mazahua ancestors, Teresa discovers the incredible secret that hides among the wings of the monarch butterflies.

The exceptionally low unique word count and high frequency factor (the number of times core structures are embedded in the text) in the Comprehension-based™ reader Papálotl make this an ideal read for very beginning Spanish students. Each page is loaded with cognates (words that are similar in English and Spanish), recycled vocabulary, and illustrations, which makes this read highly comprehensible


  • Level 1 and up
  • Present tense
  • Unique word count: 74
  • Total word count: 4200
  • Page count: 63
  • Audio recording embedded in the Student and Teacher Digital Editions
  • A 360-page Teacher's Guide is also available!
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Papálotl Teacher's Guide

Our Teacher's Guides are loaded with resources to enrich the teaching and learning experience.

  • 360 pages/slides

    In Every Chapter:

    Vocabulary, cognates, context clues, comprehension questions, quiz, pre-reading discussion questions slideshow


    Slideshows: Altar de Muertos, Comida michoacana, Michoacán

    Infographics: "Cada día hay menos", "El ciclo de la vida de la mariposa monarca"

    Readings: "Angangueo, Michoacán", "El Día de Muertos", "El Santuario Guadalupano", "La migración de la mariposa monarca", "Zamora, Michoacán"

    Butterfly Fact Cards, El Día de Muertos: La mano del saber, Map Talk, Mi libro de las mariposas

    Features and Highlights:

    Online Supplement, Reader’s Theater Scripts, A Bunch of Hunches (Hunch Frames, Open for Hunch, Pre-Made Hunches), A dime a dozen, Al principio o al final, Alerta, Curtain Call, Eight is Enough, El más lógico, Eventful, Fill ‘Er Up, Find the faker, Fragmented, Game: El jardín, Glyph, Grudge Ball, Leader of the Pack, Marker Partner Game, Pass it up!, Placement Test Sequencing Activity, Questionable, Quip-Lash, Quite the Character, Scene Machine, Shrinking Bingo, Space Cadet, The Gauntlet: Final Assessment, The Lucky Reading Game, The Splits, The Unfair Game, Thumbs Up, 7 Up, Two Truths and a Lie, Verb-O, Which Sitch is Which?, X Marks the Spot, X Marks the Spot BINGO, Yellow Brick Road Speaking Assessment, ¿Oruga o huevo? (True or false), ¿Primero o segundo?, ¿Quién lo dice?


  • Carrie Toth

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