La mola misteriosa

La mola misteriosa
comprehensible input reader
María José finds a beautiful mola among her great-grandmother's treasured possessions, which leads her to discover a family secret.

Level 2 and up / Novice High — Intermediate Low

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María José, a 16-year-old from Colombia, finds a beautiful mola among her great-grandmother's treasured possessions. The handicraft leads to the discovery of a family secret: her great-grandmother, who has lived her entire life in Colombia, was actually born to indigenous Guna parents on the islands of San Blas, Panama. Intrigued by this new information, María José, accompanied by her grandmother Lita and great-grandmother Yaya, embarks on an adventure to fill in the gaps in her family history. This leads her to the islands of San Blas in Panama and to Palo Seco, the former location of a leprosarium outside of Panama City. María José uncovers her great-grandmother’s past and returns to tell the story on the school’s blog, highlighting the importance of knowing one’s family history and how social issues can affect families.

This Spanish-language novel is included in Wayside's new EntreCulturas 2 Companion Reader Edition. It uses vocabulary and language structures that will be easily comprehensible to students who have completed EntreCulturas 2. Scaffolded activities for each chapter, included at the end of the story, will reinforce learning using all modes of communication. With essential questions, communicative and intercultural Can-Do Statements, a glossary, and more, La mola misteriosa is more than a companion reader—it's a seamless fit for EntreCulturas 2 teachers and learners.

La mola misteriosa is also a Comprehension-based readertm, making it perfect for supplementing the 2017 edition of EntreCulturas 2, as an addition to your classroom's FVR library, or as a comprehensible-input teaching tool.

Listening and Speaking Practice

Now, your learners can practice their listening and speaking skills in a safe, confidence-building environment with the characters of La mola misteriosa. Wayside and Nualang are partnering to create character chatbots to help your students become more confident listeners and speakers.


  • Level 2 and up
  • Past tense
  • Unique word count: 276
  • Total word count: 4,799
  • Page count: 112


  • Ann Macari Healey

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