Wayside Publishing and Nualang Partner for World Language Education

Innovative Partnership to Transform Digital Language Learning Experience

2 minutes


Wayside Publishing announces the launch of Nualang within Learning Site®, Wayside’s digital learning platform. This pioneering collaboration brings advanced technology to the world language classroom, providing learners with opportunities to practice their listening and speaking skills in a safe, confidence-building environment.

“As Wayside Publishing grows, we continue to expand our range of creative and time-saving technologies for educators—ones that also provide students with engaging and supportive learning-enhancement tools,” says Wayside President Greg Greuel. “This partnership shows Wayside’s commitment to enhancing how we deliver products for the world languages education community. Initially, Nualang will be available for the readers connected to the EntreCulturas Companion Reader Edition, and we will continue to expand its availability for other languages and products.”

“We see immense potential with our partnership with Wayside Publishing. At Nualang, we take pride in our technological innovation. Our tools give Wayside the ability to bring content to life with digital conversation exercises that are linked to their products,” says Greg Cawley, CEO of Nualang. “Together, we provide an engaging and comprehensive language learning experience that seamlessly integrates with Wayside’s Learning Site® and reaches a wide audience of world languages educators and students.”

About Wayside Publishing®: Wayside is dedicated to creating innovative teaching and learning products to meet the needs of world languages classrooms today and in the future. Our suite of print resources is complemented by cutting-edge classroom technology solutions that bring together the written word and flexible digital tools. Wayside is positioned to continue rapid growth, as more and more teachers, district leaders, and state review committees are choosing our proficiency-based products.

About Nualang: Nualang is an innovative world language learning platform designed with students and teachers in mind. The platform offers a unique approach, enabling students to build confidence and proficiency in a new language with a particular focus on students’ speaking skills through its innovative conversation features. Nualang's benefits extend beyond the students. The intuitive interface and user-friendly tools enable teachers to create digital courses to help students achieve their language learning goals, making the experience easier and more effective for everyone involved.

If you would like more information about this release, please contact Cristina Flores-Girnus at (888) 302-2519, or email her at [email protected], or Nicole Cunningham on her email at [email protected].