A street dog in Mexico rises up against the odds. Based on a true story.

Level 1 and up / Novice Mid — Novice High

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A street dog appears on the doorstep of an animal refuge in Morelia, Mexico. He is very sick and needs help. Veterinary students Beto and Javier are determined to save the dog, but he is in very bad condition. With no home, no family, and many other animals at the veterinary clinic who need attention, the dog’s chances of recovery are slim. However, this is one extraordinary dog! Will he rise up against all odds and find a forever home with a family who will love him?

This Comprehension-based™ reader, Fénix, strategically weaves high-frequency vocabulary and language structures into a compelling story. Wayside's readers help learners acquire real language and achieve real proficiency while enjoying the reading process.


  • Level 1 and up
  • Present tense
  • Realistic fiction
  • Total word count: 3800
  • Unique word count: 112
  • Page count: 64
  • A 562-page Teacher's Guide is also available!
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  • Nelly Andrade-Hughes

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