El portal

El portal
Comprehension-Based Reader™
A mysterious planetary model leads two Venezuelan women on a dangerous journey.

Level 2 and up / Novice High — Intermediate Low

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Frequent electrical blackouts, secret police, and the laws of physics are no match for two strong Venezuelan women. The lives of astrophysicist Dr. Alejandra López and journalist Carmen Elena Rodríguez García become interconnected as a prized possession of Alejandra’s father leads both women on a quest for truth and a journey of danger and discovery, a journey that the oppressive Venezuelan regime most certainly would not support. As the threat level rises, will the women discover the secrets of the mysterious planetary model? Will their worlds collide? Will they live to tell the story?

This Comprehension-based™ reader, El portal, strategically weaves high-frequency vocabulary and language structures into a compelling story. Wayside's readers help learners acquire real language and achieve real proficiency while enjoying the reading process.


  • Level 2 and up
  • Past tense
  • Sci-Fi Adventure Fiction
  • Total word count: 9224
  • Unique word count: 240
  • Page count: 104
  • A 355-page Teacher's Guide is also available!

El Portal Teacher's Guide

Our Teacher's Guides are loaded with resources to enrich the teaching and learning experience.

  • 355 pages/slides

    In Every Chapter:

    Pre-Reading Discussion Slideshow; Vocabulario; Cognados; Comprensión de la lectura; Examencito


    Slideshows: Planetas; Barranquilla; Venezuela; El celos; Riesgos profesionales en el periodismo; Viajes en el tiempo; Científicos Venezolanos

    Readings: Universidad Central de Venezuela; La Universidad Nacional de Colombia; La libertad de prensa; La dictadura de Juan Vicente Gómez; La historia del feminismo;

    La mano del saber: La historia del feminismo

    Features and Highlights:

    Readers Theater Scripts; Anticipation Guide; Map Talk; A Bunch of Hunches; Quite the Character; Pre-Reading Context Clues; Primero o Segundo; Connect Four; Luz roja, luz verde; Order Up (Kinesthetic activity with 2 options!; El más lógico; Eventful; Which Sitch is Which?; Six of One, Half Dozen of Another; Questionable; On Deck; The Splits; Verb-O; Eight is Enough; Find the Faker; Causa y efecto; Toma uno por favor; Thumbs Up, 7 Up; Antes, después o durante; ¿Cómo? ¿Cuándo? ¿Dónde?; Fill ‘er Up; Two Truths and a Lie; Loading, Please Stand By; Primero, luego, al final; Mark all that Apply; Questionable; Space Cadet; ¿Quién lo dijo? Gallery Walk; The Splits; Al principio o al final; Curtain Call


  • A.C. Quintero

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