Pamela García


Pamela García started off her career in Madrid, Spain, where she taught English to Spanish students for seven years. She followed that up by working in Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) in Maryland for 34 years. In MCPS she taught Spanish of all levels and beginning French, as well as Spanish to native speakers. She served as department chair in the middle and high school levels, and was the Supervisor of Foreign Languages for the county for three years. During her career she worked intensively in curriculum development, teacher training, exam creation, and helping teachers from Spain adapt to teaching in the U.S.

Garcia is part of the author team for EntreCulturas 3, along with Deborah Espitia, Jennifer Cornell, and Isabel Vázquez Gil.

Pamela's Programs


EntreCulturas 3

Communicate, explore, and connect across cultures

Intermediate Low — Intermediate Mid

EntreCulturas 1 Activity Workbook

Novice Low — Novice High

EntreCulturas 3 Activity Workbook

Intermediate Low — Intermediate Mid

EntreCulturas 2 Activity Workbook

Novice High — Intermediate Low

EntreCulturas 4 Activity Workbook

Intermediate Mid — Intermediate High

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