Wayside Publishing and Fluency Matters understand that empowering the next generation of global citizens is only possible when we empower our teachers, communities, employees, and partners. 

We are a member of BC-CCC, the largest Corporate Social Responsibility business network in the country, and we nurture activities in every pillar of Corporate Social Responsibility, as defined by Harvard Business Review. 


The Four Pillars of Social Responsibility


Wayside Publishing and Fluency Matters are committed to expanding our reach in each of the four pillars of Social Responsibility. To that end, we:


  • Have launched the Languages Matter Grants and Scholarships Program for educators like YOU
  • Provide in-kind donations to French and Spanish middle and high school classrooms


  • Purchase from King Printers, which uses paper with Chain of Custody Certification from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
  • Purchase from Versa Printing, which uses stocks that are Chlorine Free, 10% Recycled, and are TRIPLE certified by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), and Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI). 
  • Engage in environmentally friendly office practices including optional remote working, company-wide recycling, and energy audits.
  • Produce content that nurtures environmentally conscious learners

Community Engagement 

  • Are IMS global members with IMS TRUSTed App certification
  • Are members of ISTE
  • Sponsor education associations
  • Are members of consortiums like ACTFL
  • Participate in the Greater Portland Chamber of Commerce
  • Are two-time winners of Maine and New England Veteran Owned Business of the Year
  • Are members of the Small Business Association 


  • Focus on diversity and inclusivity within content
  • 85% of senior and executive leadership positions are held by women
  • Prioritization of work-life balance
  • Exceptional comp time and benefits
  • Diversity and inclusivity recruitment goals and metrics
  • Paid volunteer time
  • Opportunities to lead our organization's strategic giving
  • Ethical supply chain, from content creators to printers
  • Purchasing from Women and Minority Owned Business Enterprise (W/MBE) - King Printing

Our Partners


AATSP      ACTFL      BC-CCC Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship     CCFLT  Colorado Congress of Foreign Language Teachers      CTLA - Chinese Language Teachers Association, USA      CSCTFL     FLAG Foreign Language Association of Georgia