Sueño hecho realidad

Sueño hecho realidad
Comprehension-based™ Reader
Tired of the daily micro-aggressions she and her friends face at school, African American teen Denise decides to make a positive impact herself.

Level 2 and up / Novice Mid — Intermediate Low

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A year after losing her father, Denise is dealing with her tremendous loss, as well as the daily struggles of a typical high school student. But that’s not all. She has to grapple with unfair treatment at school, which could undermine the dreams she has for her future. Denise is fed up. She wants things to be different. But how?

This Comprehension-based™ reader, ‘Sueño hecho realidad’, strategically weaves high-frequency language structures into a compelling story. Even upper-level language students need repeated exposure to language structures in order to fully acquire them; that’s why Fluency Matters’ intermediate readers maintain a high-frequency factor of high-level language structures, thus helping learners progress beyond typical proficiency levels.


  • Level 2 and up
  • Written in Present tense/ First Person
  • Unique word count: 270
  • Total word count: 4565
  • Page count: 60
  • Audio recording embedded in the Student and Teacher Bundles
  • A 301-page Teacher's Guide is also available!
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Sueño hecho realidad Teacher's Guide

Our Teacher's Guides are loaded with resources to enrich the teaching and learning experience.

  • 301 pages/slides

    In Every Chapter:

    Vocabulary, cognates, comprehension questions, quiz, blooming comprehension, pre-reading discussion questions slideshow


    Slideshows: Activismo estudiantil, ¿Qué son las microagresiones?, Trauma emocional

    Infographics: "¿Cómo se produce la miel?", "¿Cómo tratar una picadura de abeja?", "La estructura de la colmena", "La polinización", La importancia de abejas

    Readings: "El racismo en la industria de la moda", "La importancia de pronunciar los nombres correctamente", "¿Qué es el colorismo?", "¿Qué es el colorismo? La mano del saber (English)", "¿Qué es el colorismo? La mano del saber (Spanish)"

    Features and Highlights:

    Al principio o al final, Alerta, Antes, después o durante, Antonymous, Assessment, Blooming Comprehension, Chain of Events, Context Clues, Curtain Call, Dibuja, escribe, pasa, Digital Escape Room Activity, Discussion Thursday, Eight is Enough, El más lógico, Eventful, Examencito, Fill ‘er up!, Matchup, Numbered Heads Together, On Deck, Overtime, Pass it up! Game, Perfect Pairs, Placement Test Sequencing Activity, Red Light, Green Light, Shrinking Bingo Strips, Six of One, Half Dozen of Another, Social Media Share, Space Cadet, Text Scavenger Hunt, The Splits, Thumbs Up, Seven Up, Two Truths and a Lie, Vocabulario, Which Sitch is Which?


  • Jade Greene

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