Brandon Brown hace trampa (Past and Present Tense)

Brandon Brown hace trampa (Past and Present Tense)
Brandon Brown does not trust new student Liam, and he is determined to uncover his secrets.

Level 1 and up / Novice Low — Novice High


Liam is a new student with a lot of secrets. Brandon is determined to discover his secrets and know exactly why everyone must “take precautions” and “stay alert.” Brandon’s suspicions get the best of him, and he’s caught in the act of…CHEATING?! Will Brandon discover the truth and escape the penalty for cheating?

The low unique word count and high frequency factor (the number of times core structures are embedded in the text) in the Comprehension-based™ Reader, ‘Brandon Brown hace trampa’, make this an ideal read for beginning Spanish students. Remember, the principle behind providing this comprehension-based reader in two tenses is NOT to focus on grammar, but rather to focus on the story in the tense in which the reader and/or teacher feels most comfortable.


  • Level 1 and up
  • Present and Past tense
  • Unique word count: 100
  • Total word count: 4900
  • Page count: 88
  • Audio recording embedded in the Student and Teacher Bundles
  • A 342-page Teacher's Guide is also available!
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