Claire, la voyante

Claire, la voyante
Comprehension-Based Reader™
Claire has a gift: she’s clairvoyant. Can she use her vision to uncover a secret about her past?

Level 2 and up / Novice High — Intermediate Low


Claire is a special little girl who can see things that others cannot. Her parents frequently bring visitors to her house and use Claire and her special ability to their advantage. But one day her entire life changes when Claire overhears a secret conversation that terrifies her: she is not who she thought she was. A special charm, found in the forest, and a new friend will guide Claire to a past that she doesn’t remember and an adventure that she will never forget.

This Comprehension-Based Reader™, Claire, la voyante, strategically weaves high-frequency language structures into a compelling story. Even upper-level language students need repeated exposure to language structures in order to fully acquire them; that’s why our advanced beginner readers maintain a high-frequency factor of high-level language structures, thus helping learners progress beyond typical proficiency levels.


  • Level 2 and up
  • Past tense
  • Supernatural fiction
  • Total word count: 6938
  • Unique word count: 230
  • Page count: 84
  • Teacher's Guide is also available!


  • Lois Dalton

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