Two Options for Integration With Schoology

Easy access to the user-friendly LearningSite® interface without complicated, time-consuming configuration.

Schoology TCC integration Quick Start Tutorial

Get a quick start on the Schoology TCC integration with the Wayside Publishing Learning Site® with step-by-step demonstrations of how to create activities, review student submissions, and provide feedback.

Schoology LTI Integration Quick Start Tutorial

LTI allows teachers and students to log into their Schoology® account and access LearningSite® from a window built into Schoology itself. Users must have an existing LearningSite® account, and their LearningSite® and Schoology email addresses must match.

Schoology Thin Common Cartridge How-To

A TCC bundles links to every activity in a textbook into one file. Teachers can import that file into their Schoology course and assign the links to their students. Both students and teachers can click on the links and be brought straight to the activity on LearningSite® within Schoology!

Schoology TCC integrations include Grade Pass functionality. Watch to learn more!

Connect With Our Integrations Team

If your school or district is considering Wayside Publishing and you want to discuss how to get the best technological experience, your Account Manager can often provide guidance for you as you begin your consideration process.

If you're farther along in the process or you work on a school's tech team and need immediate support, contact our tech support team at  or  (888) 302-2519. 

Explore Further

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