CI and ADI

comprehensible input and acquisition-driven instruction readers

Whether you use readers, textbooks, or a combination of both, Wayside has the solution for you.

Wayside's Comprehensible-Input and Acquisition-Driven Instruction materials are driven by the principles of second language acquisition. They are designed to help educators sustain interaction in the target language and as a result, facilitate language acquisition.

Readers at a Glance

Our entire library is designed to help educators teach language to students at each level in the learning process. Wayside has readers available across a wide range of topics and levels of difficulty, all broken down for your convenience to find the best option for any classroom.

Our leveled comprehension-based readers engage learners of all ages and naturally facilitate acquisition through compelling, comprehensible stories. Our comprehensive teacher-friendly resources are known for providing unrivaled support and guidance to language teachers around the globe.

All of our CI/ADI authors are classroom teachers who have firsthand knowledge of what it takes to engage students and facilitate language acquisition. Additionally, Wayside leaders are professionals who are well informed on matters of acquisition, acquisition-driven instruction, ACTFL’s guidelines for language instruction/proficiency, and ACTFL’s World-Readiness Standards.

ACTFL Equivalency

Understand how our CI/ADI readers align with ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines

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