Leading the Way to Proficiency

Become a Proficiency Leader

Do you want to grow your leadership skills and influence in the world language profession? Join Wayside’s Professional Learning team and other language educators in our collaborative learning events series designed to help you connect high-leverage practices with leadership skills.

Each session centers around a leadership topic relevant to language teaching and learning. Together with colleagues, we will share ideas, learn, and grow. The sessions build on previous ones, so you will gain the most from attending all of them, but you are welcome to join as many as you like.

There’s More than One Way to Lead

February 21st | 7 pm ET
The world language profession needs YOU but how do you identify opportunities to grow and expand your influence? Are you interested in presenting at conferences? Do you want to be more involved in curriculum writing? There are many ways to engage in our profession – there’s not one way to be a leader! Join us for a panel discussion with world language leaders in a variety of positions to spark your imagination and envision the next steps in your own professional journey.

Don’t fence me in! An eclectic approach to language teaching

March 21st | 7 pm ET
Does everyone in your school or district teach exactly the same way? Of course not! And that’s okay if everyone has a shared vision and goals for student proficiency. But conflict can arise when teachers choose different methodologies to reach the same language learning goals. As leaders, how can we honor one another’s practices and continue to work effectively together to improve language learning?
In this session, we’ll talk about how teachers can embrace Principled Eclecticism - a method of language education that combines various approaches and methodologies to teach language depending on the aims of the lesson and the abilities of learners. Let’s learn together how to choose the best methods that match our strengths and what our students need to become proficient language users and culturally competent global citizens!