Classroom Under Construction

building blocks of proficiency-based instruction

Are you shifting to proficiency-based teaching practices?

Join the Professional Learning team for a series of learning events dedicated to helping you build a more proficiency-driven classroom. Each session will center around a different proficiency-based practice and will feature practical strategies and action steps that you can implement in your classroom.

Blueprints for Success: Talking to Students about Proficiency

October 12th | 7 pm ET
Novice and intermediate and advanced, oh my! What do these terms mean? And, more importantly, how can you help your students to understand them? Join us for an hour-long session in which we break down ACTFL’s proficiency levels and performance descriptors and share suggestions and strategies to facilitate student-centered conversations around proficiency.

Inspection Time: Providing Formative Feedback to Students

November 9th | 7 pm ET
Houses have inspections, bands have sound checks, pilots have test flights, all to get feedback before their final performances. What do your students have? As you build a more proficiency-driven classroom, do your feedback practices align with your teaching practices? Let’s talk about it! In this session, we will discuss the role of formative assessments in the world language classroom and provide some strategies to provide formative feedback to students.

Restocking Your Toolbox: Adding Strategies to Increase Target Language Use

January 11th | 7 pm ET
Make a New Year’s resolution to hit your target language goals! The return from winter break is a great time to renew your commitment to a 90%+ target language environment in your classroom. Maintaining target language in the classroom can be a challenge but there are strategies to make it easier for both teachers and students. Join us for a live webinar where we will share some practical, ready-to-use tips and tricks to strive for that 90%+.

Final Inspection: Promoting Language Growth through Assessments

February 8th | 7 pm ET
Engaging learning experiences? Ready! Checks for understanding? Pret! Formative feedback? ¡Listo! You’re well on your way to building a more proficiency-based classroom, so what do you do about those end of unit assessments? Join the Professional Learning team as we dive deeper into understanding how integrated performance assessments are used to assess students’ proficiency. We will also share some ideas for how to talk to students about performance-based assessments and ideas for implementation.

Interior Design: Providing Level Appropriate Language

March 8th | 7 pm ET
You’ve laid the foundation, built the structure, now it’s time to start designing the interior of your lessons. Presenting and practicing language in context is at the heart of a proficiency-driven instruction, but what does language in context look like in a novice classroom? How is it different for intermediate learners? In this session, the Professional Learning team will discuss what level appropriate language means for novice and intermediate language learners and provide strategies for how to provide level-appropriate language to your students.