Training Strands

We realize that everyone is coming to this conference with diverse backgrounds and experiences with Acquisition-Driven Instruction (ADI). For this reason, we have developed strands that will focus specifically on your level of comfort and expertise with ADI, while allowing each of you to grow in your individual practice and reach your goals. Embedded within the strands there will be demonstrations, deconstructions, theory, practice, and feedback. Each strand will provide an overview/review of ADI and will work on the skills you need most.

Strand 1: New to ADI: the Basics

  • I am not sure what ADI is
  • I need help implementing ADI strategies
  • I have limited knowledge of ADI materials, resources, and strategies

Strand 2: Keeping the ADI going: Developing our strategies

  • I’ve had some ADI training, but I’m not sure how to make it work all the time
  • I’ve tried ADI activities with mixed success
  • I’ve used Comprehension-based™ readers in my classroom, but I could use more guidance
  • I am not an expert, and I would like to feel more confident

Strand 3: Off and Running with ADI: Owning our curriculum

  • I’m pretty familiar with ADI strategies
  • I’m actively using ADI in my classroom most of the time
  • I’ve used Comprehension-based™ readers successfully
  • My students are growing in their proficiency and my confidence is growing too
  • I just want to learn more and grow my skills!