Nualang Pilot Terms and Conditions

Nualang Pilot Participation Agreement

Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions constitute an Agreement (“Agreement”) between Wayside Publishing and the teachers / school districts who wish to take part in the Nualang Pilot (“Pilot”). This document will describe what the Pilot is, what Wayside will provide during the Pilot, as well as what is expected of Pilot participants.

This Agreement’s effective dates are between Sept 1, 2022, ("Start Date") and Dec 31, 2022 ("End Date"). Certain rights and privileges listed in this document are granted to participants indefinitely.

By taking part in the Pilot, participants also agree to Nualang’s separate Terms, Privacy, and Cookies policies when using the Nualang platform.

Article 1 - Terms

  • The Nualang Pilot is made possible by Wayside Publishing (“Wayside”), a Maine corporation, in collaboration with Nualang, a company based in Dublin, Ireland (“Nualang”), whose focus is on fostering interpersonal communication among language learners via their tech platform.

    Wayside has created a limited set of prototypical activities in the Nualang platform (“Prototypes”). The goal of the Pilot is to test market reception of the Prototypes among Wayside’s U.S. customers.

    To test market reception, Wayside will collect data, as described in Article 2 below.

  • The intended audience for this Pilot is students and teachers of the Spanish language in grades 6 through 12. Teachers, acting on behalf of their students and as representatives of their school district, are referred to in this document as “Participants”.

  • The Pilot is limited in the following ways.

    (a) The Prototypes shall constitute approximately one (1) 20-min lesson or homework assignment.

    (b) No more than 15 Participants may take part in the Pilot, but there is no limit on the number of students.

    (c) The Pilot will not extend past the End Date.

  • (a) Wayside will provide Participants with a way to create an account in Nualang.

    (b) Wayside will host a Webinar to train Participants on how to use Nualang.

    (c) Wayside will provide Participants with first- and second-level technical support.

    (d) Wayside will evaluate Participants’ reactions to the Prototypes. See Article 2 below.

  • (a) Participants will create Nualang accounts.

    (b) Participants will conduct lessons using Prototypes prior to Oct 31, 2022.

    (c) Participants will notify Wayside that they have completed the Pilot and will take part in Wayside’s Surveys and/or Interviews at that time (see Article 2).

    (d) Participants agree to be discrete to a reasonable extent about the existence and nature of this Pilot, meaning Participants will not raid any information about the Pilot for the direct benefit of Wayside’s competitors, including but not limited to Vista Higher Learning, EMC/Carnegie Learning, Pearson, Klett World Languages, and others.

  • Only teachers and students in school districts who have adopted EntreCulturas from Wayside Publishing are eligible for this Pilot. The Prototypes are designed for Level 2 Spanish, so only Level 2 Spanish teachers are eligible to become Participants.

  • Participants will access Nualang at or around the time of the informational webinar scheduled for the end of September 2022.

    Students may be enrolled in Nualang at the direction of their teacher/Participant in one of three ways:

    (a) Via hyperlink invitation sent by their Teacher. This process requires verification code sent via email to students email accounts.

    (b) Via log in with Google account

    (c) Via CSV upload. This process requires customer support from Nualang.

  • Participants are to implement Prototypes in their classrooms during the month of October 2022.

  • Participants have nothing to gain nor lose from participating in this Pilot, financially, materially, or in their treatment as customers of Wayside.

Article 2 – Data Collection

  • Wayside is interested in knowing how Participants like using Prototypes in the Nualang platform and will therefore collect information from Participants as part of the Pilot.

  • Wayside must collect some personally identifiable information such as names, emails, and school affiliations (“Personal Data”). Personal Data will be collected from Participants and held to the same privacy standards as all Wayside customer data, that is, confidentially, and not shared with or sold to any third party or institution for any reason, ever. For more information, visit Wayside’s Privacy Policy.

    Participants consent to sharing their Personal Data with Wayside when they sign up. Participants also consent to being contacted as needed and appropriate by Wayside via email or per video conference, such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

    Nualang is a third party, and so Participants agree to share Personal Data with Nualang during the account creation process and through usage of the Nualang platform. Refer to Nualang’s Terms, Privacy, and Cookies policies, which adhere to strict data governance rules under the European law known as GDPR.

    For the purposes of this Pilot, Nualang has agreed to host all student data on an Amazon Web Services server based in the U.S.

    Wayside will not collect Personal Data from students during this Pilot.

  • This Pilot is essentially a research study, so Wayside will be asking Participants questions after they have implemented the Prototypes in their classrooms.

    (a) Customer Feedback Surveys (“Surveys”) – Wayside will distribute Surveys to Participants upon completion of the Pilot. Surveys will typically consist of, but are not limited to, brief quantitative questions such as the Net Promoter Score or the System Usability Scale. Surveys may also ask for written feedback.

    (b) Semi-structured Interviews (“Interviews”) – Interviews shall take part in a 1-on-1 format between select Participants and Wayside via video teleconference such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. The purpose of Interviews is to collect individualized responses from Participants about their and their students’ user experience as related to the Prototypes. Interviews may take place at the discretion and availability of Participants and are strongly encouraged.

  • Research Data, both individual and aggregate, will be anonymized to the greatest extent possible so that any Survey or Interview responses will be extremely difficult to trace back to the Participant. If Participants are quoted in Wayside’s final reports or publications, quotations will be made without reference to their source, even if anonymized.

  • At their discretion, Participants may grant Wayside an indefinite Personal Anonymity Exclusion, meaning that the Participant grants Wayside permission to use personally identifiable Research Data, such as direct quotes, in promotional or published materials without restriction. A Personal Anonymity Exclusion will be collected from Participants in writing.

Article 3 - Restrictions on Certain Activities and Pilot Participation

  • Wayside reserves the right to deny or revoke any Participant or potential Participant access to the Pilot at any time, including but not limited to the following reasons:

    (a) Limited space in the Pilot

    (b) Illegal activity such as copyright infringement

    (c) Misuse of the products or software

    (d) Failure to abide by Basic Obligations of Participants in Section 1.4

    (e) Discontinuation of the Pilot by Wayside at any time, for any reason

Article 4 - Miscellaneous

  • These Articles may be modified from time to time. Substantive modifications to this Agreement will be announced to all Participants via email.