Négritude et Nouveaux Mondes, 2nd Edition

Négritude et Nouveaux Mondes, 2nd Edition

Advanced / Advanced Low — Advanced High


The Négritude movement raised black consciousness in the Francophone world throughout the 1930's. In this compilation of works by Caribbean and African writers, learners reflect on the international literary movement that explored French identity and questioned French colonial rule.

In Négritude et Nouveaux Monde, each poem is accompanied by a biography about the writer and their relationship to the movement and concludes with questions to reinforce comprehension of vocabulary, language structure, and meaning. Every section ends with ideas for "reflection and composition" enticing students into a more thorough discussion of the movement as a whole, and its connections to our world today.

This text was designed for intermediate or advanced high school and college courses, with some poems that are easier than others, and definitions to many new words in the footnotes. The anthology can studied as a literary movement or used as part of a larger discussion of French African literature.

Blog: Négritude – Empowering the African Diaspora in Francophone Literature and Thought

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