West Meets East : The Travels of Alexander

West Meets East : The Travels of Alexander

Middle School - Early High School / Novice Low — Intermediate Mid

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Alexander the Great was one of the most brilliant and charismatic heroes of the ancient world. He likened himself to Achilles, the legendary warrior of Homeric tradition, and he loved to quote passages from The Iliad. He was also very curious and took laborious notes on flora and fauna as he traveled from Greece across Asia and parts of Africa on his military campaigns.

This biography includes exploration of factors impacting Greece, Anatolia, Sumer, Babylonia, Phoenicia, Egypt, Persia and India during the 4th Century BC.

I love the Early Times history series ... these books provide a wonderful connection to the culture I teach, allowing the students to understand the origins of the culture. I have taken many of my students to these countries. Thank you for creating such purposeful books.

Jacqueline Burton-Radcliffe

Boone County High School, Florence, KY


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