Triángulo Aprobado

Copyright: © 2013
Author(s): Barbara Gatski & John McMullan
Formats: Softcover, Hardcover, eText
Pages: 350 pages
Edition: 5th Edition
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Structured around the themes and sub-themes presented by the College Board, this Spanish Learning Program offers you a framework through which to explore the products, practices, and perspectives of Spanish-speaking cultures. Exercises engage students in the three modes of communication through reading, listening and observing, writing messages, conversing with others, writing essays, and giving oral presentations. Through activities and assessments designed in conjunction with authentic materials your students will develop the necessary cultural and linguistic competence to communicate effectively and perform well on the revised AP Spanish Language and Culture exam.

Triángulo Aprobado can be used in any order. You can connect a sub-theme from one global theme with a sub-theme from another. They interconnect, offering flexibility and endless variations of texts and audios. Cápsula culturales present a wide range of interesting cultural matters, and at the conclusion of each one, Comparaciones can be used for further comparison of the home culture with Spanish-speaking cultures. Preguntas culturales elicit thought about what a product in a culture is, how it is used and why it is used. Triángulo Aprobado contains a triple glossary—Spanish/Spanish, Spanish/English and English/ Spanish—of the vocabulary words along with the chapter and sub-theme number where they can be found in context.

A Learning Site supplements the text with flash cards, practice exercises, videos and audios. Additionally, Learning Site access gives teachers all raw and edited audio and video resources, scripts, a gradebook, and sample exams and syllabi. The Teacher’s Edition contains an annotated answer key and suggestions on ways one can use the text to assist the students’ exploration of Spanish language and culture.

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For Students
  • Student Edition
    • Softcover with 1 year Learning Site subscription (ISBN: 978-1-938026-41-6)
    • Hardcover with 1 year Learning Site subscription (ISBN: 978-1-938026-40-9)
    • eText with 1 year Learning Site subscription (ISBN: 978-1-938026-42-3)
  • Learning Site -1 Year Learning Site subscription (ISBN: 978-1-938026-44-7)
For Educators
  • Teacher Edition
    • Softcover (ISBN: 978-1-938026-43-0)
    • eText (ISBN: 978-1-938026-47-8)
  • Audio Program on DVD (ISBN: 978-1-938026-45-4)
  • Complimentary Learning Site
    • Complete access to the student view of the Learning Site
For Educators
  • PDFs of all Learning Site activities answer keys and audio/video scripts
  • PDFs of the AP rubrics for World Languages and Cultures
  • Student Edition images for in class use on a projector/computer
  • The complete and authentic audios and videos from which the audio program is derived
  • PDF of the Learning Site Table of Contents
  • PDF of a full Syllabus, Mid-year exam, and Final exam
  • A gradebook to review automatically graded activities (multiple choice, true/false, cloze quizzes) and to manually grade essay quizzes.
  • Embedded audios from the Student Edition
  • Complete access to the student Learning Site
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For Students
  • Brand new (not from the Student Edition) auto-graded interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational activities with the exception of essay quizzes and discussion forum posts, which are graded manually
  • Matching and flash cards vocabulary practice for each subtheme
  • Pre- and post- tasks for each interpersonal activity
  • New (not from the Student Edition) Cápsulas Culturales and Preguntas Culturales in the form of discussion forums and with suggested external resources for each subtheme
  • Embedded audio resources from the Student Edition
  • Full and editable glossary found in the Triángulo Aprobado Community Forum
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