Neue Blickwinkel

Wege zur Kommunikation und Kultur

Copyright: © 2012
Author(s): Cynthia Chalupa & Heiko ter Haseborg
Formats: Hardcover, softcover and eText
Pages: 224 Pages

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Dive in and examine the rich history and multicultural society of present-day Germany. Neue Blickwinkel's diverse range of Standards-based activities and authentic materials, ranging from podcasts to poetry and film, challenge your students to explore the products, practices, and perspectives of German-speaking cultures.

Neue Blickwinkel's flexible design allows you to fit the course to the needs of your students. Scaffolded tasks engage learners in the three modes of communication, bringing them from basic concepts, such as school and university life, to more sophisticated topics, like art and identity. You can choose from a variety of interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational activities to address the areas where students need to develop the most. Use the Learning Site to supplement student learning, both in class and at home.

Specifically designed for the AP German teacher, Neue Blickwinkel's Pacing and Companion Guide is a free download that provides a framework and time frame for teaching each of the AP themes and the essential questions that they encompass. The guide helps you easily identify activities that incorporate the various modes of communication and specific chapter-based inquiries that tie into essential questions. Provide your students with solid preparation for the AP exam while delving into the culture, history, and arts of Germany.

Using Neue Blickwinkel: Wege zur Kommunikation und Kultur your students will gain communicative competence and build vocabulary while they explore the many facets of German language and culture.

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For Students
  • Student Edition
    • Softcover with 1 year Learning Site subscription (ISBN: 978-1-938026-00-3)
    • Hardcover with 1 year Learning Site subscription (ISBN:978-1-877653-19-3)
    • eText with 1 year Learning Site subscription (ISBN: 978-1-938026-51-5)
  • Learning Site -1 Year Learning Site subscription (ISBN: 978-1-938026-03-4)
For Educators
  • Teacher Edition
    • Softcover (ISBN: 978-1-938026-01-0)
    • eText (ISBN: 978-1-938026-50-8)
  • Complementary Learning Site
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  • The complete testing program online only
  • Complete access to the student view of the Learning Site
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For Students
  • Auto-graded interpretive listening and reading textbook activities
  • Manually graded (by the teacher) interpersonal and presentational writing textbook activities
  • Full and editable glossary found in the Neue Blickwinkel Community Forum
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