La Maison d’Oncle Max

Copyright: © 2012
Author(s): Nicole Fandel
Formats: Softcover, Workbook, and eText
Pages: 97 Pages

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La Maison d’Oncle Max is the ideal first novel for French students – engaging, current, and rewarding! The story provides students with a lively, fast-paced literary experience, building essential vocabulary and a strong foundation for independent, fluent reading. An excellent tool to complement a standard textbook curriculum, providing a fictional narrative that builds skills and confidence.

  • it is a complement, an enrichment, a challenge and a rite of passage from textbooks’ short texts to the real thing: a story, a book, a novel in authentic French
  • motivated and capable students will read it non-stop over a week-end, for fun, while others will learn new strategies for extracting knowledge out of every sentence, thus improving mastery of the language
  • the novel takes place now, with contemporary concerns, interests and lifestyle, and characters with which students can identify
  • students on both sides of the Atlantic love text messaging; students learn new terminology and sense the difference between “standard” versus “cool” French or slang
  • develops the skills of approaching a text actively: spotting cognates, detecting English roots, and checking meanings through context. Using a “detective approach,” students grasp the meaning, quickly and proudly
  • La Maison d’Oncle Max provides support and lively ideas for the teachers. In each “Activités” section, tricky points of grammar are reviewed, exercises mix new and known vocabulary, adding a slew of words similar in both languages as bonus
  • Optional exercises include oral work, compositions (blogs or journals), cultural (timelines for history, or map filling for geography), and Internet research
  • Oral work: the students act the text’s dialogues in class, each keeping the role of their favorite character. Groups can also make videos for fun, exams, or extra credit
  • La Maison d’Oncle Max can be used as a break in the semester (as in the January slump), as a revision at the end of the year, but also as a summer review in July or late August
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For Students
  • Softcover (ISBN: 978-1-877-653-32-2)
  • Workbook (ISBN: 978-1-877-653-29-2)
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